Cloud Manager v1.16.0


  • CMR
    • Table styles for Profile > Trusted Devices
    • Table styles for Volumes landing table
    • Table styles for Images landing table
    • Table styles for NodeBalancer landing table
    • Table styles for Firewall > Rules
    • Table styles for Firewall > Linodes
    • Responsive table styles for Firewall Landing and K8 Cluster landing
    • Responsive styling for entity header (all variants)
    • Responsive styling for Dashboard
    • Dashboard Notifications: Add Community Updates, Pending Actions, and “Show more” button to Drawer
    • Dialog full height
    • Rescue Linode dialog
    • Migration dialog
    • Static banner for Linode changelog
    • Tag styles
    • Support Tickets and loading state
    • Notification context
    • Notification drawer


  • Refactor tabbable content to be accessible by keyboard
  • Update Popular Posts on /help page
  • Use API Pagination for Domains when account size is large
  • Display tax id of customer in invoice if available
  • Use longview/plan endpoint to get active plan


  • Default zone if no user timezone
  • Dates in several places displayed as “Invalid DateTime”
  • OAuth tokens with expiry of null were crashing the app