Cloud Manager v1.17.0


  • CMR:
  • Primary Nav responsive scaffold + styles
  • Use CMR action menu for Longview client rows
  • Plan link in Linode detail header should open the resize dialog
  • Table Styles: Managed: SSH Access, Credentials Profile: SSH Keys, API Tokens, OAuth Apps Support Tickets
  • Linode Table Adjustments
  • Notification drawer: chronological display
  • Linode Storage Tab
  • Linode Rebuild Dialog
  • Flavor text in LinodeNews banner
  • Backups enable from Linode action menu
  • Mark events as seen when requesting in the notificationContext
  • Completed progress events
  • Longview processes tables to preferences sortKeys
  • Enforced 64 character limit on text input
  • Confirm enabling backups
  • Handling strange timezone cases for summary graphs


  • Longview installation instructions
  • Clear UDF data on tab change in Linode Create
  • Language to “allowlist” and “blocklist”


  • Interoperability issues
  • Linode creation preselection params for from Clone, from Image, from Backup
  • Loading spinner in Notification drawer
  • Missing yup types dependency
  • SSH fingerprint display issues for various key types
  • Issue where loading a Domain’s Detail page directly wasn’t working on large accounts