Cloud Manager v1.19.0



  • Managed Dashboard card to CMR dashboard

  • System Status section in Notification drawer

  • Environment switcher for dev tools

  • Controls for mock service worker in dev tools



  • Change URL on Linode modal close
  • Make OAuth apps table sortable
  • Linode status icons should blink for in-progress actions
  • Adding CMR header to the config/disk clone landing
  • Table style updates for:
    • Account > Users
  • Managed
  • Billing
  • SelectPlanPanel
  • Make API tokens table sortable
  • Make Rescue dialog full height
  • Routing for Linode Modals
  • Graph labels hidden for mobile

Cloud Firewalls:

  • All IPv6 for Firewalls should be read as ::/0

  • Disable port range in Firewalls drawer when selecting ICMP protocol

  • Update Firewall doc URL

  • Don’t set outbound rules for firewall presets

  • Firewall labels are not required; remove required annotation from text field

  • Fix tab change handler

  • Improve error handling for API token drawer

  • Always honor Linodes “group by tag” setting

  • Stabilize table sort

  • Update MySQL info to clarify that we install MariaDB

  • Change Minecraft OCA to Minecraft: Java Edition

  • Display general errors at top of VolumeAttachmentDrawer



  • Hide hidden links from mobile nav

  • Close action menu after action is selected

  • Move domains banner above table

  • Prevent error message overlap on Firewalls detail

  • getLinode errors blocking landing page display

  • Console error (isResponsive prop not recognized)

  • Casing of NodeBalancer breadcrumb was incorrect

  • NodeBalancer Config form submission

  • Firewall detail breadcrumb

  • The search bar sometimes returned no results for restricted users

  • Managed Issue Drawer was crashing for users with empty timezones

  • Longview: MySQL tab not rendering if NGINX is not installed

  • Firewalls: handling of empty IPv6 responses