Cloud Manager v1.2.0


Cloud Firewalls:

  • Firewall Linode view
  • Add Device drawer in Firewall Linodes view
  • Remove device modal in Firewall Linodes view
  • Firewall Rule Table
  • Firewall Rule Drawer
  • Remove devices from Firewall Devices action menu


  • Make Linode links in Firewall rows clickable
  • Pin GitHub release link to linode-manager tag
  • Add support for secondary promo button
  • Delay data request until user types in Search bar
  • Display invalid StackScript errors on Linode rebuild
  • Show error when request to /pools fails in LKE
  • Respond to linode_config events


  • Uptime calculation in Longview
  • Sorting by Object Storage region
  • Sorting the OBJ Bucket table resulted in duplicate rows when there were multiple buckets with the same name