Cloud Manager v1.20.0


  • Object Details Drawer
  • Proxy Protocol field in NodeBalancer settings
  • Add link to NotificationDrawer from Linode busy status
  • Prevent text and other components from being flushed to the edge when <1280px


  • Improve handling for unknown Linode types
  • List allowed regions when creating or adding Linodes to Firewalls
  • Prevent migration of a Linode with attached Firewalls to an unsupported Data Center
  • CMR:
  • Close notification drawer on internal links
  • Style updates for:
  • Object Storage > Buckets & Object Storage > Access Key headers
  • OBJ Bucket Detail table


  • Change “Create Kubernetes” to “Create Kubernetes Cluster”
  • Calculations for large LKE clusters (total CPU/memory) were incorrect
  • Missing/duplicate page titles throughout app
  • OrderBy lifecycle bug
  • Typos: consecutive occurrences of ’the'
  • MigrateLanding routing bug
  • Add units (GB) to RAM in Linode Detail view
  • Various CMR menu issues