Cloud Manager v1.22.0


  • Notification for when an email to a user couldn’t be delivered
  • Warning about 24 hour wait period before disabling backups for a Linode
  • Warning about blocked SMTP ports for new accounts
  • CMR:
  • Apply animations and adjustments to Linode Summary view
  • Apply table styles for Longview tables
  • Hide status chip if there are no corresponding Linodes with that status
  • “Message” column to the Activity Feed table
  • Prevent overflow of resolvers in Linode Network tab
  • Prevent text from being flush to the screen
  • Object Storage:
  • Add ability to upload an SSL/TLS certificate for a Bucket
  • Add access management for OBJ access keys
  • Add loading state in OBJ access key drawer if buckets are loading
  • Add view mode to OBJ access key drawer
  • VLANs:
  • Create modal
  • Add VLAN attachment option to Linode Create flow
  • Add VLAN table to Linode Network tab
  • Add VLAN column to Linode Configuration table


  • Improve handling of Managed accounts when backing up Linodes


  • Cloning a Domain leads to “Not Found” page
  • Navigation bug in Longview
  • Tab-based navigation