Cloud Manager v1.24.0


  • Ability to update username from Profile > Display


  • Landing
  • Creation modal
  • Details page


  • Group kernels in dropdown when selecting in Config drawer
  • Show all devices (not just root) in Config rows
  • Allow multi-select when adding VLANs during Linode create
  • Polling improvements
  • Hide billing section of dashboard for users without account access
  • Apply CMR table components to search results landing


  • Warning notice to reboot Linodes attached to a VLAN
  • Don’t filter out VLANs without an IP address from the table in linode/networking
  • Use type-to-confirm in Deletion Dialog Modal
  • Remove default value for IP range and mark Region as required
  • Display ‘None’ for IP for interfaces without an address
  • Hide backups CTA on Linodes Landing in VLAN context


  • Make sure we don’t filter private images containing ‘kube’
  • Documentation link on the Linodes Landing page
  • Code typo in “Paginating Things” example
  • Extraneous comma display in Linode > Networking > VLANs
  • IP addresses truncation link and Volumes landing
  • “null” progress on CMR Dashboard
  • Linodes Landing docs link (CMR)