Cloud Manager v1.25.0


  • Bucket and Object level access controls
  • Display total Object Storage usage on Bucket Landing page
  • Progress bar to LinodeDiskRow when a disk is resizing
  • “Objects” column to the Bucket Landing table
  • Bucket Details Drawer
  • Bucket results to search bar


  • Add hideOnTablet prop to Entity Table component
  • Remove ‘Copy to Clipboard’ text in OBJ drawers
  • Disable API polling from inactive tabs
  • Add copy explaining billing address restrictions
  • Make typeToConfirm optional in DeletionDialog
  • Lazy load OBJ Buckets
  • Remove “Delete” option from DBaaS backups table
  • Hide permissions table if user has no buckets
  • Move Domain creation drawer content to a separate page at /domains/create
  • Handle API warnings after a successful payment.
  • Update Resize error message and add link


  • Remove filtering of app tokens
  • IP popover displaying incorrectly when adding a private IP address to a Linode