Cloud Manager v1.27.0

This release includes sweeping changes to the Cloud Manager UI. For more details, please visit


  • Deep link to the Payment drawer
  • Add missing link to invoice details in invoice rows


  • Replace all user-facing Domains master/slave terminology with primary/secondary
  • Sortable tables now update the URL on sort change to make sort preferences bookmarkable
  • Upgrade: Chart.js 3.0 (beta)
  • Move theme toggle to My Profile > Settings
  • New icon set for CMR
  • Update empty states for all entities
  • Add warning when migrating a Linode with VLANs to a region w/o VLANs
  • Make time displays consistent throughout the app (ISO format)
  • Smaller page sizes for Longview Landing
  • Move abuse ticket banner to global notifications
  • Update URL query param on input change on support search landing page
  • Remove the Dashboard
  • Hide Longview pagination footer if there’s only one page
  • Use Region Select styles in Object Storage Cluster selection
  • Improve Backups column in Linode .csv file


  • Low reputation error when resizing a Linode intercepted by disk size error logic
  • Prevent multiple imagize submissions in succession