Cloud Manager v1.28.0


  • Add Network Transfer Graph to Linodes Landing
  • Add Marketplace Q4 apps
  • Sort Linode Details > Storage > Disks table by created (ascending) on default


  • Remove rounded corners for buttons
  • Disable submission until required fields are present and remove tags field from the Domain create flow
  • Disable Firewall and Image create flows for restricted users
  • Increase timeout for Longview on accounts with multiple Longview collections
  • Convert Support Ticket drawer to a dialog and make inputs bigger
  • Update text to accurately reflect what read_only account access lets you do


  • Set highlight.js theme on app load
  • Color scheme for Dark Mode toggle button’s enabled state
  • Disable create flow fields for restricted users
  • Remove duplicate restricted banner for Marketplace
  • Tooltip and disabled action functionality in action menus
  • Update timezone logic to account for time zones that use a quarter hour
  • Object Storage list not showing more than 100 objects