Cloud Manager v1.29.0


  • Ability to recycle LKE nodes
  • Ability to recycle all nodes in an LKE cluster
  • Upgrade flow for LKE Kubernetes minor versions
  • “Plan” column in the Linodes list table
  • Copyable StackScript ID field on StackScripts Detail page


  • Remove “Pilot” language from GPU tab under Linodes
  • Update URL appropriately when opening, closing, and navigating to Resize, Rebuild, Rescue, and Migrate modals
  • Use query params for routing for Resize, Rebuild, Rescue, and Migrate dialogs (e.g. linodes/123/storage?resize=true)
  • Improve responsiveness of Linode Network Summary
  • Hide Volumes table for Linodes in regions without Block Storage
  • Sort Firewall rule ports in ascending order
  • Make empty state message for outbound Firewall rules more explicit
  • Remove icons from buttons on Domain Detail page


  • Fix wrapping in UserMenu causing disappearing “Log Out” button