Cloud Manager v1.3.0


  • Firewalls:
    • Add, Edit, and Delete rules
    • Prompt when navigating away from unsaved rule
    • Add icon to table rows


  • Remove “Active Deploys” StackScripts table column and add “Total Deploys” column
  • Update customer referral criteria text
  • Improve syntax highlighting
  • Include LKE clusters in Support tickets dropdown
  • Make Support Ticket table sortable by summary, ID, and updated_by
  • Update Images messaging to reflect new 6144 MB default limit
  • Remove deprecated border on graph legends
  • Adjust header padding in Linode Group By Tag
  • Cloud Manager PDF invoices pull in customer tax ID regardless of added date


  • Volumes creation bug
  • Accessibility warnings for password inputs
  • Remove page break on invoices
  • Fix collision of tax ID and address on invoices
  • 404 error after importing Domain Zone
  • Enable editing of DNS Records containing “” substring
  • Removed extraneous table header cell on Search Landing table
  • Add error handling for Kubernetes breadcrumb
  • Prevent Linode Power Control menu from being empty upon click