Cloud Manager v1.30.0


  • Firewalls beta notification

  • Presets for port selection when creating/editing a Firewall rule

  • Label and Description fields for firewall rules

  • Clone action for firewall rules

  • Visual indicator for “Skip to Main Content” link

  • Update Breadcrumb styles

  • New Accordion expand/collapse icons

  • Network Transfer Display on NodeBalancer, Object Storage, and Kubernetes landing pages


  • Move save changes button to bottom of rules table
Notification Drawer:

Remove existing sections and replace with Notifications and Events sections Show balance past due notification in the Notifications section Mark all events as read when the drawer is closed

  • Upgrade Node version from 10.16 to 14.15.4
  • Change wording for OBJ utilization
  • Network Transfer Display: redesigned text-based display
  • Use React-Query when fetching regions
  • Hide “Linode Expert” for Linode accounts in Support ticket replies
  • Move summary and Auto Enroll toggle to the top of the Enable Backups drawer


  • Scheduled migration banner font color on dark mode
  • Prevent SelectPlanPanel wrap in Linode Create flow
  • Disk selection when opening Rebuild from /linodes
  • Alignment of ActionMenu in mobile on Firewall landing page
  • Calculate days to billing in EST to match billing practices