Cloud Manager v1.40.0


  • Google as TPA provider


Bare Metal:

  • Show “N/A” with helper text in “Last Backup” cell for Bare Metal instances

  • Confirmation dialog for booting Bare Metal Linodes into rescue mode

  • Add docs link in “Last Backup” Bare Metal column tooltips

  • EventsLanding table column headers styling

  • VLAN Refinements in Linode Create flow

  • “Disk Imagize” status changed to “Capturing Image”

  • Add box rule and adjust spacing in account billing

  • Show promo service type in billing summary

  • Update buttons styles on Firewalls Linodes tab to match the Rules tab


  • “Add Disk” button styling in RescueDialog
  • Prevent SideMenu scroll bar from overlapping text
  • Don’t request tags for restricted users