Cloud Manager v1.45.0


  • Google Pay support
  • Analytics for Image Uploads
  • Ability to retry an Image upload


  • Communicate account balances differently depending on whether balance is past due or not
  • Updated font-logos and added Rocky Linux icon in map
  • Remove remaining CMR flag dependency and clean up Accordion
  • Referrals, ActionMenu CMR, and Linode Settings cleanup
  • Copy for High Memory plans
  • UI tweaks for LKE Detail page
  • Remove “Other Entities” from Monthly Network Transfer section of Network tab
  • Never display payments in Payment Activity table as negative
  • Expand all Linode Settings accordions by default
  • Table consistency across app
  • Use new status page URL for system status


  • Visibility of Block Device errors in Linode Config dialog
  • staticContext console warning
  • Nodebalancer table console error regarding children with the same key
  • Formatting error when showing rDNS error
  • Referral link showing for customers who have not met the $25 min payment threshold
  • Kubernetes navigation link showing as inactive on /kubernetes/create
  • Typecheck error in FileUploader by importing Dispatch type
  • Image uploads not working on some systems