Cloud Manager v1.46.0



  • Ability to add a promo code to account

  • Ability to delete payment method

  • Temporary credit card notice to Add Payment Method drawer

  • Banner for Block Storage availability in Atlanta

  • Handling for entity_transfer_accept_recipient events

  • Linode Create flow filtering for Bare Metal plans

  • Handle firewall error message for unsupported hosts

  • Cleanup Button and add documentation

  • Marketplace Q3 Apps



  • Hide Google Pay notice when loading payment methods

  • Prevent logging of Google Pay payment closed or timeout errors to Sentry

  • Refined handling of payment_due notifications in Notifications drawer

  • Improve Table Loading and Table Error Styles

  • Instances of “Add a SSH Key” corrected to “Add an SSH Key”

  • My Profile / Account dropdown changes

  • Refresh on permission change

  • Remove checkout sidebar for Volume Create flow

  • Reduce spacing for NodeBalancer Settings

  • Remove parenthetical GB limit

  • Remove redundant headers

  • Standardize secret token modals

  • Use React Query for Account Settings

  • Update Linode logo on TPA

  • Update Linode Plan card view to prevent text wrapping

  • Update several dependencies and upgrade Node to 14.17.4

  • Update Firewall Details table header and Longview Plan chip

  • Upgrade cypress to see if it helps CI performance issues


  • Delay in Linode Analytics graphs updating when navigating to another Linode via the search bar
  • “Unknown Plan” and “Unknown Image” in Search
  • Inability to add tags to Volumes during creation