Cloud Manager v1.89.0


  • One Click Clusters
  • Infinitely Loaded Volume Select
  • Allow users to select system as a theme option
  • Vite
  • Resource links to Kubernetes empty state landing page


  • Updated maintenance and account activation screen logo
  • Updated VolumeStatus type and logic
  • Temporarily changed Remit To invoice address
  • Improved notification event links
  • Improved Linode disk downsize error messaging
  • Refactored LandingHeader & EntityHeader
  • Use region label from /v4/regions instead of dcDisplayNames constant


  • VLANs from Redux
  • Unused packages + update lint-staged
  • /core/styles abstraction for tss-react codemod


  • Use our custom dialog for Monthly Network Transfer Pool instead of MUI’s
  • Radio Styles after Vite Upgrade
  • Disable/hide showAll for PaginationFooter
  • Invalidate Firewall devices cache when a Linode is deleted