Cloud Manager v1.9.1


  • @-expansion for Target field in Domain records
  • “Last Modified” column to Domains landing page
  • Support for Third-Party Authentication


  • Default support ticket option to ‘General’
  • Defer requests to Linodes and Images until after app has loaded
  • Redesign Billing section of app
  • Request Domains when hovering over Primary Nav link
  • Update behavior for 2FA cancel button
  • Rename linode-js-sdk to @linode/api-v4 to prepare for NPM publication
  • Update @linode/api-v4 documentation
  • Lazy load Linodes on BackupsDashboardCard


  • Keyboard access to open Support ticket creation drawer
  • Missing SSH keys in some flows for Linode creation
  • Second column alignment for NodeBalancer on dashboard
  • Tag display on mobile viewport
  • Removed extra requests
  • Prevent crashing for users that are not activated
  • Remove duplicate instance requests