Linode Kubernetes Engine v1.21.0


  • Added support for Graceful Node Shutdown in v1.20 and v1.21 clusters. Existing clusters must recycle their nodes to finish the upgrade.
  • Added support for optional eBPF data planes by having new LKE nodes mount the BPF filesystem on startup.


  • Upgraded clusters using Kubernetes 1.20 to patch version 1.20.7.
  • Upgraded clusters using Kubernetes 1.19 to patch version 1.19.11.
  • Upgraded clusters using Kubernetes 1.18 to patch version 1.18.19.
  • Upgraded coreDNS image from v1.8.0 to v1.8.4
  • Upgraded Calico CNI from v3.10.4 to v3.19.0


  • Disabled rpcbind by default on new LKE nodes, to avoid having unnecessary ports open.
  • Fixed bug where kubelet and kubeadm configs in v1.21 clusters would still mention v1.20 text.