Linode Kubernetes Engine v1.52.0


  • Ability to force-rotate Service Account tokens without permanently breaking the control-plane.
    • In order to manually rotate Service Account tokens used by the control-plane, delete secrets with the type in the kube-system namespace.
    • Deleting ccm-user-token-* secrets can still result in a momentary disruption of the control-plane.
    • Deleting lke-admin-token-* secrets invalidates the current kubeconfig. Allow some time for the new token to propagate to the control-plane before downloading a new kubeconfig via the API or Cloud Manager.


  • Upgraded clusters using Kubernetes 1.25 to patch version 1.25.12
  • Upgraded clusters using Kubernetes 1.26 to patch version 1.26.7


  • Improvements to etcd stability.