Server Monitoring

Watching server resources with open source tools.

Whether you need to watch basic usage stats or need more advanced functionality, these guides will help you deploy open source server monitoring solutions on your Linux cloud server. The Linode Longview tool also offers system metrics and graphing, which can be used in conjunction with any of these monitoring tools, or with the Linode Manager email alerts to keep an eye on your system.

Using top to Monitor Server Performance

How to use top to monitor a server's performance.

How to Install and Configure Graylog2 on Debian 9

This guide shows how to install and configure Graylog2, a log management and analysis tool with Elasticsearch and MongoDB, on Debian 9 server.

Installing Monit for Server Monitoring

Improve uptime with Monit Server Monitoring. Monit will watch you system around the clock, and respond to out-of-the-norm events by following your instructions.

Use vmstat to Monitor System Performance

Use the vmstat tool to monitor your system's virtual memory usage.

Deploy Graphite with Grafana on Ubuntu 14.04

This guide provides an introduction to the installation and basic setup of Graphite together with Grafana on Ubuntu 14.04.

Monitor System Logs with Logwatch

Use Logwatch to generate digests and analyze your server logs

Install Nagios 4 on Ubuntu and Debian 8

Nagios is a widely used tool for monitoring systems and services.