Control Panels & Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems: an Overview

An overview of the three content management systems that Linode supports

Update and Secure Drupal 8 on Ubuntu or Debian

This guide will show you how to update and secure an installation of Drupal 8 CMS on your Linode running Ubuntu or Debian.

Themes, Modules, & Backups with Drupal Drush on Debian 7

Using Drush to install themes, modules, and backup systems

High Availability WordPress Hosting

Configuring a highly available WordPress installation.

Install Odoo 9 ERP on Ubuntu 14.04

Odoo is an open-source suite of over 4,500 business applications. Odoo allows administrators to install, configure and customize any application to satisfy their needs. This guide covers how to install and configure Odoo using Git source so it will be easy to upgrade and maintain.

Set Up DNS Services on cPanel

How to set up DNS on your cPanel server

How to Install and Configure WordPress

Install and optimize the WordPress blogging and content management system on your Linode.

Install WordPress Using WP-CLI on Ubuntu 14.04

Install WordPress Using WP-CLI on Ubuntu 14.04

Manage Web Content with Joomla!

Using the Joomla! content management system to ease administration overhead for websites.

Webmin Control Panel

Installing and configuring the Webmin control panel to maintain your Linode.

Installing & Using Drupal Drush on Debian 7

An overview of Drush the Drupal Shell or Command Line Tool

Installing Drupal 7

Installing, configuring, and optimizing the Drupal content management framework on your Linode.

Install a Commercial SSL Certificate Using cPanel

Generate a CSR and install a commercial SSL certificate through the cPanel interface.

Install cPanel on CentOS

Use cPanel to manage services on your CentOS Linux VPS.

Turbocharge Your WordPress Search Using Solr

Turbocharge your WordPress blog search using Solr search engine.

Use cPanel to Manage Domains and Databases

Use cPanel to Manage Domains and Databases

Install and Configure Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is the lastest version of the popular Drupal content management system. This guide will show you how to install, configure, and optimize the Drupal CMS on your Linode so you can begin developing your own websites.