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BlogLinodeLa oficina remodelada de Randy

Oficina remodelada de Randy


Randy ha estado fuera durante la última semana, así que pensamos que le vendría bien una pequeña remodelación de su oficina. Ha pasado tanto tiempo construyendo nuevos anfitriones que queríamos que se sintiera como en casa cuando volviera a su escritorio. . .

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    Is that an OSHA approved fire-retardant cubicle?

  2. Author Photo

    So you guys use SuperMicro servers.

    Good to know.

  3. Author Photo

    Slightly better than tape on the floor 😉

  4. Author Photo

    Aahahaha! Nice office!

  5. Author Photo

    You certainly have overactive imaginations… That should crack a smile!!

  6. Author Photo
  7. Author Photo

    Ahaha — great job! 🙂

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    Love the ‘drive-thru’ window!!

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  10. Author Photo

    EPIC! It’s good to see a company with a scene of humor.

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    It actually looks like my office… well a few weeks ago at least… we finally got rid of our box fort.. It was really messy when Dell double ordered my APC UPS’s…. I had boxes everywhere. 🙁

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    Very creative. Gave me an idea for one of my co-workers.

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    You’ve gotta use static bags on the window opening! You wouldn’t want a packet storm to get at your workstation :).

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    I use books instead of boxes. Very nice. Do you have to paint often?

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    I seriously would love to have this cardboard fort as my office space. Imaginative and cooler than any other desk area to date. High honors from an entrepreneur. B

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    Can I have permission to use this image?

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