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Gráficos de tráfico de red

Los gráficos de tráfico de la red están ahora disponibles en el sitio de los miembros. Se muestran dos gráficos, uno que cubre las últimas 24 horas y otro que cubre los últimos 30 días. En un futuro próximo añadiremos la posibilidad de ver gráficos de meses anteriores. A largo plazo, esperamos añadir gráficos para otros puntos de datos para ayudar a los usuarios a gestionar mejor su Linode.

Estos gráficos se generan en tiempo real, pero los datos en los que se basan se actualizan cada cinco minutos. Un refresco interminable no aumentará la cantidad de datos en el gráfico.


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    Looks great! This is really great information to have easily accessible like this. Good thing that I was too lazy to implement it myself… Now you’ve just saved all the work for me! 🙂


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    Very useful. I was also thinking of doing this myself, thanks for saving us the work.

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    What data point am I looking at here?

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    Beautiful graphs! Thanks Mike & Caker! Any chance of an io_token graph anytime soon? Since thats always been the main bottleneck for my linode, it’d be handy.

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    If you use [url=]MRTG[/url], you can make a graph of I/O token usage, or anything else graphable.

    Here’s a Perl script for collecting the token count:

    $line = `/usr/bin/uptime`;
    ($uptime) = ($line =~ m/^.*up (.*),\s+\d+\s+users*,\s+load average:.*$/o);

    $host = `/bin/hostname`;

    open IOSTATUS, "/proc/io_status";
    $line = <IOSTATUS>;
    close IOSTATUS;

    ($count) = ($line =~ m/^io_count=(\d+) .*$/o);

    print "$count\n0\n$uptime\n$host\n";


    And here is the stanza for mrtg.cfg:

    Title[io_rate]: I/O Rate for Linode VPS
    Target[io_rate]: `/usr/local/bin/`
    PageTop[io_rate]: <H1>I/O Token Usage Rate</H1>
    Options[io_rate]: logscale
    MaxBytes[io_rate]: 400000
    YLegend[io_rate]: Tokens/sec
    ShortLegend[io_rate]: Tokens/sec
    LegendI[io_rate]: &nbsp;Tokens/sec:
    LegendO[io_rate]: &nbsp;
    Legend1[io_rate]: I/O Token Usage Rate
    Legend2[io_rate]: &nbsp;


    I use the [b]logscale[/b] option to plot the graphs with a logarithmic scale, so that low rates don’t get lost among large peaks.

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    Beautiful graphs, thank you. An RSS feed containing the textual data under the graphs might be useful too.

    (I’ve reconsidered the utility of the GM script that was previously posted here, and removed it.)

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    Thank-you! 😀 The graphs are beautiful and very handy when checking my member account. I appreciate this added feature very much.

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