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Christopher Aker

Christopher Aker

Founder & CEO

Christopher Aker founded Linode in 2003 with a mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to every developer around the world. His early embrace of the open source movement and virtualization technologies helped pioneer the $214 billion cloud computing industry. The bootstrapped, customer-first, and mission-based company he built has grown into a $100m+ driving force for innovation, serving over 1 million developers, startups, and businesses worldwide.

Thomas Asaro

Chief Operations Officer

Joseph Zhou

Chief Information Security Officer

William Charnock

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Myers

VP Customer Support & Success

Richard Ford

VP Finance

Blair Lyon

VP Cloud Experience

Jonathan Hill

VP Revenue Operations

Peter Fu

General Counsel

Our Investors?

One of the things that makes Linode so special is that we do not have or need investors. Linode has successfully run a profitable business since our inception in 2003. Our independence is one of our primary differentiators, allowing us to put the customer needs first and not the short term motives of outside investors, private equity, or shareholders.

Welcome to Linode, the largest independent open cloud company in the world.

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