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Building SaaS Apps for Portability and Scale

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Developers, like yourself, are increasingly adopting alternative services and open-source technologies with the goal of scaling SaaS applications on ANY provider. As you look across the cloud landscape, it may seem challenging to combine the reach of the hyperscalers with the benefits of an alternative cloud provider. Linode, now an Akamai company, was built for all developers, and focused on designing solutions to help your app achieve both portability and scale to grow your business.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why portability and scale are increasingly important for modern app development
  • How these two concepts exist side-by-side within your architecture design
  • The process of migrating workloads to Linode as easily as possible
  • About Linode, and our future with Akamai

This talk is designed for:

  • Infrastructure or software developers, engineering managers, or technical business leads who are looking for ways to make cloud resources simple, scalable, portable and take advantage of savings by moving from another provider.

Who you’ll meet:

  • David Rodriguez, Director of Solutions Engineering at Linode
  • Billy Thompson, Solutions Engineering Manager at Linode

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