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Cloud Native Continuous Deployment with GitLab, Helm and LKE


How long does it take to provision a Kubernetes cluster, install GitLab on that cluster, and use it to run a CI/CD pipeline for your Cloud Native application running in one or more containers?

Join us for this on-demand workshop with instructor Jerome Petazzoni as he uses Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) to provision and deploy a cluster with all the necessary components, including Traefik, cert-manager, and GitLab.

Follow along as Jerome leverages ExternalDNS together with the Linode DNS API to visualize resource usage with metrics-servers, Prometheus and Grafana. Helm will be leveraged to install some of these components.

You’ll learn to:

  • Deploy a Kubernetes cluster using LKE (Linode Kubernetes Engine)
  • Helm fundamentals (what are charts and repos; how to find and install them)
  • Automatically create DNS records for Kubernetes services and Ingress resources
  • Install metrics-servers, Prometheus, and Grafana to monitor resource usage
  • Use Helm in deploying a sophisticated app and supporting infrastructure (GitLab, Traefik, and cert-manager)

This extensive and multi-part workshop is available on-demand so you can learn at your own pace, sign up today

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