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HackerSploit: Red Team Security Series

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HackerSploit presents a new security series focused on “Red Team” best practices. Take a closer look at red team activities and learn techniques to effectively test your security defenses by conducting internal attacks on your organizations infrastructure to identify and close vulnerabilities.

What is a red team?

The objective of red teaming is to determine the weaknesses that can affect the organization and determine the effectiveness of the defenses currently in place.

What you will learn:

This series will help Infosec and cybersecurity professionals various red team techniques, using the Linode Cloud Platform that can be used to attack and determine vulnerabilities in your organization’s security.

Topics covered in this video series:

  • Red Team Adversary Emulation With Caldera
  • Red Team Reconnaissance Techniques
  • Linux & Windows Exploitation Techniques
  • Linux & Windows Persistence Techniques
  • Red Team Credential Access Techniques
  • Linux & Windows Privilege Escalation Techniques
  • Linux Red Team Defense Evasion – Hiding Processes
  • Linux Red Team Defense Evasion – Linux Rootkits
  • Windows Red Team Defense Evasion Techniques
  • Windows Red Team Lateral Movement Techniques

Part 1 will be available on HackerSploits’s YouTube channel and part 2 of the series will be available from Linode on-demand starting October 29, 2021 at 12PM EST. With this series you can go at your own pace, or jump right to a specific technique.

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