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Kubecon Day Zero Training:  Better Secrets Management with Kubernetes

KubeCon Day Zero Training Image

In this Day Zero live training sponsored by Akamai Cloud Computing, you’ll learn how to deploy a self-hosted HashiCorp Vault for efficient Kubernetes secret management.

If you’ve worked with Kubernetes Secrets, you know how easy it is to reuse them. However, this convenience poses a significant problem–Kubernetes Secrets aren’t genuinely secure. It’s well-known that they’re stored as Base64 encoded, meaning they can easily be reused and read. Someone could leak your sensitive information with just one unfortunate commit.

Attend this step-by-step workshop to master secrets management, connect with other Kubernetes builders and meet Akamai developer advocates and solutions engineers. 

What’s included:

  • Buffet lunch by Portillo’s
  • $250 in free credit for Akamai cloud computing services
  • A paperback copy of the Manning book “Road to Kubernetes” by Justin Mitchel
  • One Rocketbook Pro
  • Soft drinks, coffee, and refreshments throughout the workshop

To save your seatregister here and select the workshop under the “Add-on” section to your calendar.

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