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Learnk8s Lab: Kubeflow – A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox

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Listen on demand to the first of our two part Learnk8s lab series.  In session one, Kubeflow:  A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox, attendees will learn about:

  • Kubeflow Architecture 
  • Kubeflow Installation 
  • Developing Machine Learning Models in JupyterLab notebooks 
  • Creating an end-to-end orchestration machine learning experiment in Kubeflow pipeline
  • Scaling infrastructure based on demand. 
  • Current use cases of Kubeflow and how teams from other industries have been utilizing the cloud to scale their machine learning operations. 

Speaker Bio: Salman Iqbal. Salman is a Technical Lead at Data Science Campus ( ) and an instructor at Learnk8s ( At the Data Science Campus, he has set up a number of Data Science DevOps practices. Recently, he has worked with a number of other UK government organisations on setting up and operating Data Science platforms for COVID-19 projects. Salman has also worked as a full-stack developer in the Aerospace and Finance sector. Salman is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and a strong advocate for Cloud Native technologies. He co-founded Cloud Native Wales, an initiative to bring together a community that would share ideas on how to use cloud-native technologies effectively.

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