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Code for Entrepreneurs: Python Series


You got your Python Web Application working in a local environment! But now what? This series aims to help you successfully run your app in a live production environment, walking you through the process from start to finish on Linode cloud infrastructure. Once you are comfortable with the basics of Python, you can build on your deployment experience using popular scalable tools like Terraform, Ansible, and others.

Series Lineup:

Chapter 1: Setup & Recommendations
– Walkthrough: Who, What, Why?
– References before getting started
– Provisions on Linode
– Your first secure connection

Chapter 2: Users, Permissions, Firewalls & Nginx
– Passwordless SSH with SSH Public Keys
– Configure new Users & Group Permissions
– Install Nginx and UFW

Chapter 3: Version Control & Git
– Why we need version control
– Git basics
– Git remote host on Linode (Part 1 &2)

Chapter 4: Web Application
– Install Python & use a virtual environment
– Production ready virtual environment
– Our first Python FastAPI Web App

Chapter 5: Nginx & Supervisors
– Nginx for web servers
– Supervisor
– Deploy & solve

Join Justin Mitchel of Coding for Entrepreneurs as he walks you through deploying a Python web application from scratch, step-by-step! His approach is simple, but the opposite from how we would learn in school. Code For Entrepreneurs wants you to build something real first, then uncover why each piece works the way it does.

This five-part series will be available on-demand. This will allow you to go at your own pace as many times as needed. Register today!

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