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Will Your Cloud Provider Become Your Competitor? The Fear Is Real

Will Your Cloud Provider Become Your Competitor? The Fear Is Real

Businesses leveraging the public cloud are asking themselves several questions: Are our cloud providers becoming our competitors? How do we approach the need and desire to use multiple cloud platforms? How do we add diversification to our cloud infrastructure to protect ourselves against pricing changes, outages, and general reliability concerns?

Our Techstrong Research analyst team has been closely following cloud adoption trends. This research includes regular surveys of our audience focused on DevOps, digital transformation, security, and cloud-native development. Our latest report includes findings from a survey from more than 600 respondents who are currently using cloud infrastructure.

Techstrong Research analysts will share new research on the growing reality that businesses rely on multiple cloud providers, the emerging threat of their cloud providers competing with them, and the increasing use of alternative cloud providers. In addition, Blair Lyon from Linode, cloud compute and storage services from Akamai, will discuss the business and technical challenges that he is observing. Luke Seelenbinder, Co-Founder of Stadia Maps, and Ruben Stranders, Co-Founder and CTO at FireServiceRota, will discuss how and why they rely on Akamai Compute products from Linode. 

This webinar will be a discussion that covers:

  • New research findings on cloud infrastructure
  • The industrialization of cloud computing from emerging technology to a business-critical platform
  • Multicloud dominance from a business and technical perspective
  • Cloud services providers becoming your new business competitors

Watch on-demand.

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