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BlogKubernetesLinode Kubernetes Engine Now Available in Global Markets

Linode Kubernetes Engine Now Available in Global Markets


We’ve been working to quickly expand the global availability of Linode Kubernetes Engine since our recent general availability announcement. Customers can now provision Kubernetes clusters in the following data centers:

Global Data CenterLKE Availability
Dallas, TXLive
Fremont, CALive
Newark, NJLive
Sydney, AULive
Tokyo, JPLive
London, UKLive
Frankfurt, DELive
Singapore, SGJune 2020 Live
Toronto, CAJune 2020 Live
Mumbai, INJune 2020 Live
Atlanta, GATBD

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  1. Are you guys planning to have a data center here in India? I own a fintech firm , basically into banking, finance and insurance soltions but having DC in our own country is as per regulation. Also what are other benefits I can get over others?

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