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리노드에서 Xen

그것은 공식입니다 — Xen 이제 리노드에 살고 있습니다. 그것은 긴 도로, 거의 4 년 사실, 하지만, 우리 지역 사회의 도움으로, 가장 최근의 베타 프로그램은 마침내 입증 Xen 행동에 대비할 수 있습니다.

무엇을 합니까? Xen 당신을 위해 의미? Xen UML에 비해 오버헤드가 적습니다. Xen 리노드에는 4개의 프로세서가 있습니다. 커널 모듈을 지원합니다. 32비트 커널과 64비트 커널을 지원합니다. 우리는 최신을 실행하고 있습니다 Xen 버전(3.2.1)은 paravirt_ops 커널(pv_ops)을 지원할 수 있으며, 이는 커널이 2.6.18(많은 경쟁업체가 사용하도록 강요하는)보다 최신 커널을 가질 수 있습니다. 요컨대, 리노드는 훨씬 더 빠를 것입니다. Xen .

여기에서 모든 새 호스트 하드웨어가 실행 중으로 배포됩니다. Xen . 새로운 계정은 이러한 컴퓨터에 착륙해야하지만, 여전히 새로운 Linode가 UML 호스트에 착륙 할 가능성이있다. 이 경우 이미 UML 호스트에 있고 이동하려는 경우 티켓을 제출하기만 하면 됩니다. 그러나 모든 컴퓨터가 실행되기까지는 시간 문제일 뿐입니다. Xen — 향후 몇 주 안에 업그레이드 일정을 발표할 예정입니다.

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  1. Sean’s Mental Walkabout » Blog Archive » Upgrading my Linode to Xen

    […] (which was painless, but required about an hour of down time). It turns out that all of linode is now going to Xen. Based on very simple latecy tests, the box feels much snappier on serving up wiki […]

  2. Author Photo

    As someone who has been running in the test environment, let me just say it’s fantastic. Of course, the couple times I’ve needed Linode support, it’s been great as well. Thanks for all the hard work, guys!

  3. Author Photo

    Will my ip addresses change if/when I move from UML to Xen? What about the private backend ip; will that one change?

  4. Tom Asaro

    @Harmone Your IPs remain the same as long as you stay within the same data center.

  5. Author Photo

    This is great news. Looking forward to faster Linodes under Xen and the upgrade schedule. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

  6. Author Photo


    That sounds lovely. Thanks for everything!

  7. Tragically L33T » Linode: Great Virtualized Linux Moves to Xen
  8. Author Photo

    Will beta Xen users be migrated to the “production” deployments in the future?

  9. Tom Asaro

    Xen beta hosts will be at the top of the upgrade schedule (which is simply a reboot of the host).

  10. Author Photo


    Weren’t different plan sizes mixes on the beta hosts (ie, host56)? If so, do any migrations need to be made?

  11. Author Photo

    What kernel should we use after we have migrated to a Xen host? There are a few named “dev ..”. Are they “beta” kernels?

  12. Christopher Aker

    @Harmone You should use “Latest 2.6” unless you have a good reason not to.

    @Jacob On the Xen beta boxes, we’ll eventually move the Linodes of different plans onto their respective host server types. If you want to move off sooner submit a ticket. You shouldn’t notice that much of a difference, since we’re using the cpu scheduling to prioritize the larger Linodes. Again, this is only for the participants of the beta test. New accounts are still segmented onto a host that matches their plan.

  13. Author Photo

    I moved my Linode from UML in Atlanta to a Xen node in Fremont this past week (after having physically relocated myself to the west coast). My new DNS records were propagated by the time all of my data was transferred (~5hrs).

    Big thumbs up to the folks at Linode for a very smooth transition!

  14. Author Photo

    So if I can run a 64-bit kernel, how would I upgrade my Debian system to 64-bit? Didn’t realise it was a 64-bit capable environment!

  15. Christopher Aker

    @Simon Rumble: I’m still hacking on 64 bit Xen guest kernels, but it shouldn’t be too much longer. But yes, our environment will support both.

  16. Sean’s Mental Walkabout » Blog Archive » links for 2008-03-29

    […] Linode Blog » Linodes in Xen linode fully converting to Xen for hosting. Nifty (tags: xen linode hosting) […]

  17. Author Photo

    It’s been mentioned elsewhere that custom kernels may be supported at some point.

    Is it possible that at some point native kernels would also be supported, where the host machine has hardware virtualization? This would be very cool in that it would allow standard installs of Linux distros, and would avoid some of the weirdness when Linode’s kernels aren’t quite the in sync with vendors’s kernels/modules/userspace tools.

  18. Author Photo
    Nathan A. Corbier

    I’ve been on Xen for two months, and understand why the beta is now concluded. I’ve only had one issue, a hard crash on Dallas52, and not only was it caught and recovered…

    But Linode’s staff quickly submitted enough data to get a patch from upstream.

  19. Author Photo

    Hi ,

    I want to move my Linode from UML to XEN. Is there any risk of data loss or corruption during this migration. How much down time should I expect? Is it possible to time the move during night times when website is less busy?

    I also want to keep the same IP address. If possible do not erase the linode on UML for one or two hours after migration so that I can copy and replace any corrupted files or data. It will also allow some time to test the application.

    I will submit a ticket for the same. But I hope replies to these queries here will help others as well.


  20. Tiny Dynasty » Archive » Migrating website from UML to XEN on Linode

    […]  https://www.linode.com/2008/03/28/linodes-in-xen/ […]

  21. Author Photo
    Team Simplebucket

    Wow.. We just migrate over to the new XEN hardware… it’s awesome.. huge improvement on performance.. thanks linode!

  22. Author Photo

    I migrated my linode today and must say “WOW”. Simply amazing, without any problem. I see huge improvement in performance. Thanks Linode so much!

  23. Author Photo

    How can I check whether I am on UML or Xen?


  24. Author Photo

    When I’m logged into the Dashboard I can see a Xen icon on the top banner when on a Xen profile, this doesn’t show when for a UML one.

  25. Author Photo

    is it possible to use host-in-a-box lxadmin in linode xen?


  26. Sean’s Mental Walkabout » Blog Archive » Dague.net move

    […] couple things changed in the last year. Linode went from UML to Xen, which definitely makes each linode more powerful. My shared hosting company stopped being helpful. […]

  27. Author Photo

    Somebody has to ask…. does this mean we might be seeing FreeBSD?

  28. Author Photo

    hey tell me how to renew my linode account… Form deferent credit card

  29. Author Photo

    Where is the upgrade schedule?

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