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Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Best practices and more for deploying containers, overviews of containerization systems, like Docker, RKT, and LXC, as well as Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.


July Events: Learnk8s Lab Series

Jul 13, 2020 by Linode Events
On July 23 and July 30, the experts at Learnk8s will take a closer look into Kubeflow and Jenkins X with a set of free labs.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Learnk8s Lab: CI/CD for Kubernetes with Jenkins X

July 30, 2020
Join the Kubernetes training company, Learnk8s, on demand for the final installment in our  2-part lab series. In this session, CI/CD for Kubernetes with Jenkins X,  attendees will learn about: Jenkins X Architecture How to get started with Jenkins X How to enable CI/CD to your existing projects Conventions and best practices around CI/CD pipelines […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Learnk8s Lab: Kubeflow – A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox

July 23, 2020
Listen on demand to the first of our two part Learnk8s lab series.  In session one, Kubeflow:  A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox, attendees will learn about: Kubeflow Architecture  Kubeflow Installation  Developing Machine Learning Models in JupyterLab notebooks  Creating an end-to-end orchestration machine learning experiment in Kubeflow pipeline Scaling infrastructure based on demand.  Current use cases of […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Understanding Kubernetes: Working with Persistent Data and the Linode Storage Backend

In our final Linode Kubernetes Engine lab, learn how to deploy another app and hook it into the Linode storage backend via a CSI plugin.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Docker Containers 101

Learn how to create your own Docker containers with this free lab from Network Chuck.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Getting Started with Linode Kubernetes from LearnLinuxTV

Jay from LearnLinuxTV uses the Linode Kubernetes Engine to deploy a pod and set up persistent storage.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Chris Alfano

Bringing the Cloud to the Ground

Chris Alfano was attracted to Linode because of similar commitments to the Philadelphia tech scene and to democratizing cloud computing.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Understanding Kubernetes: Exposing Services to the Internet Using an External Load Balancer

Learn how to deploy a web app to Linode Kubernetes Engine and expose it to the internet leveraging a NodeBalancer.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Understanding Kubernetes: Creating and Managing Clusters

Learn how to provision a kubernetes cluster, explore the Linode Kubernetes interface, connect to the cluster, and inspect the cluster.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Linode LIVE! K8s Livestream with Bret Fisher

June 30, 2020
Watch on demand DockerCon Host and Kubernetes expert, ​Bret Fisher​, the Linode Product Development Team, and other special guests as they discuss why the time is right to incorporate Kubernetes into your infrastructure and how Linode has made it as easy and simple for developers to run containerized workloads.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Linode Kubernetes Engine Now Available in Global Markets

May 21, 2020 by Hillary Wilmoth
We’ve been working to quickly expand the global availability of Linode Kubernetes Engine. Deploy now in one of the three recently added data centers.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Linode LIVE! ​Understanding Kubernetes: Working with Persistent Data and the Linode Storage Backend

June 25, 2020
Listen on demand to this free three-week course from the author of The Kubernetes Book, Nigel Poulton. Learn how to build clusters, deploy apps, set up NodeBalancers, and more. Make sure to tune into all three webinars as learning will be progressive with work assigned in between each session. Attendees will also receive free access […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)