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Free and open source project management tool.

Restyaboard is an open-source alternative to Trello with smart additional features like offline sync, diff /revisions, nested comments, multiple view layouts, chat, and more. And since it is self-hosted, data, privacy, and IP security can be guaranteed.

Restyaboard is more like an electronic sticky note for organizing tasks and todos. Apart from this, it is ideal for Kanban, Agile, Gemba board and business process/workflow management. It can be extended with productive plugins.

Today, several universities, automobile companies, government organizations, etc from across Europe take advantage of Restyaboard.

Deploying the Restyaboard Marketplace App

Software installation should complete within 5-10 minutes after the Linode has finished provisioning.

General Options
For advice on filling out the remaining options on the Create a Linode form, see Getting Started > Create a Linode. That said, some options may be limited or recommended based on this Marketplace App:

  • Supported distributions: CentOS 7, Debian 10, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Recommended plan: All plan types and sizes can be used.

Getting Started After Deployment

Accessing the Restyaboard App

  1. Open a browser and navigate to your Instance’s IP address.
  2. The Restyaboard login page will appear. The default username for this instance will be admin and the default password will be ‘restya’. Click the Log In button.
  3. You can reset the default admin password by visiting admin panel at the bottom right of the Restyaboard panel, or visting and clicking ‘change password’, replace with your Instance’s IP address.

Now that you’ve accessed your dashboard, check out the official Restyaboard documentation to learn how to add users and further utilize your Restyaboard instance.

The Restyaboard Marketplace App was built for Linode by Restya. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For support regarding the tool or software itself, contact Restya.