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Straightforward pricing, every time

Predictable pricing

No more surprise cloud bills. 

Proud to offer the best price-to-performance cloud computing

Since 2003, making cloud computing more affordable has been core to our mission. We have optimized our server, hosting, and compute services to deliver the performance you demand at a price you will love.


Simple and Predictable Pricing

Easy to understand pricing. No hidden fees. Just pay as you go. Fearlessly scale up or down without penalties.


More Competitive

Our pricing beats AWS, Google, and Azure for comparable services without sacrificing reliability and security.


Transparent Pricing

CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM bundled into one price.

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Best Price-to-Performance In The Market

Our hardware is specifically crafted to give you the best deal for your plan. And we routinely upgrade our hardware while keeping the plan price the same, passing the value onto you.


Every Plan Includes Free Extras

Take advantage of monitoring, unfiltered API access, generous transfer, Kubernetes on Linode, integrations and plugins, and support — all for free — with every Linode plan.


Smarter Multicloud Deployments

Combine other providers with the market-leading price-to-performance of the Linode cloud for a smarter multi-cloud strategy. Save cost while maintaining quality and performance.

Compare Linode Pricing

Explore the Linode difference and see how much you can save without sacrificing performance, reliability, or support.

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