Press Release

Contact: Heather Miller, Senior Marketing Director

Linode “open-sources” guides and tutorials on GitHub

  • More intuitive page layout fosters “searchability” and simplifies navigation
  • Cleaner layout facilitates readability
  • Public contributions to Linode’s end-user docs made easier
  • Bounty submissions made quicker
Galloway, NJ, July 30, 2014

In a continuing effort to present its customer base with value propositions, Linode has released the latest, open-sourced version of its guides and tutorials library. Launched five years ago today, the Linode Library needed and has received a functional facelift and name-change. Residing on GitHub (, it is now labeled as Guides and Tutorials under Resources on the Linode website.

CEO Christopher S. Aker said, “We needed to do this for our customers and our employees. Because it’s now completely open-source, the cloud community can easily contribute to its development. This revamp is a small but essential upgrade that continues our effort to offer the best cloud-hosting services for the buck. ”

Project lead Alex Fornuto commented, “The redesign will expedite a user’s search, improve navigation, and enhance readability. Releasing the docs to GitHub makes it easier for anyone to offer edits and contribute new content.”

The point-and-click accessibility as well as the intuitively categorized front page simplifies what had been more complicated navigation.

Documents in the library have been re-formatted from earlier templates. Once accessed, a document appears with easy-to-read labels, shadowed and clickable table of contents, and helpful screenshots. Finding, reading and revising a Linode doc has never been simpler.

Another benefit to the end-user is more efficacious submission of bounty articles. “Bounty submissions can still be sent to us via email, but now also, they can be sent as pull requests through GitHub,” Fornuto said.

The revamp of Linode’s Guides and Tutorials follows the company’s recent value- proposition deliveries to its core developers, designers, and bloggers market. These deliveries have included simplifying billing with an hourly plan in March, upgrading its cloud infrastructure in April, and implementing a $10/month plan in June.

About Linode:
Christopher S. Aker founded Linode in 2003 and now, with over 250,000 customers worldwide, the company continues to offer developers and business owners the highest-performance cloud servers available at an affordable price. The company makes it easy for anyone to select a plan, platform distribution and datacenter, and launch a cloud server in under a minute. From there, customers can dynamically scale their environments to meet business demands – paying for only what they use, with no long- term commitments. The Onion and WP Engine are two notable enterprises that rely on Linode.

Linode’s proven Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform enables customers to fully customize their environments from six data centers in the US, UK and Asia. Subscribers also have the option to add managed services to any plan thereby putting Linode in charge of day-to-day node administration.

For interview requests of CEO Christopher S. Aker or other Linode principals, please call Keith Craig to schedule. For more information on Linode, please visit