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Contact: Heather Miller, Senior Marketing Director

Linode unveils Professional Services, offering to shoulder sysAdmin projects for customers

  • Accelerates build time
  • Ensures sturdier builds
  • Assumes build risks for customer
  • Affords more exact project-cost predictability
  • Allows customer to re-allocate staff and time resources
  • $100-per-hour fee for regular customers
  • $75-per-hour fee for Linode Managed customers
Galloway, NJ, August 26, 2014

Linode today introduced its latest level of customer support: Professional Services.

Linode’s Professional Services team can be recruited to perform one-off sysAdmin projects, such as site migrations, web-, database-, and email-server installations, and control-panel deployments during a Linode-build.

Should a customer not have the time, expertise, inclination or staff-bandwidth to tackle essential sysAdmin duties, Linode can be enlisted to implement them.

“Installing a customized LAMP stack or configuring a specialized website can be risky,” said Linode CEO Christopher S. Aker. “The Professional Services team is well-trained to handle these sysadmin tasks. Our expertise can reduce build time, ensure a build’s integrity, free up the customer’s time and staff to attend to other matters, and deliver a solid return on the investment.”

The collective expertise of the Professional Services team can get a Linode customer online sooner and with the sturdiest infrastructure stabilizing the build. Consequently, any type of customer – whether IT-savvy or not – should realize a cost reduction in time, staff, resources - and maybe a little sanity.

Steve Clemens, Linode Vice President and head of the Professional Services team, added, “Some Linode customers have the technical expertise to perform sysadmin tasks, but they’d get more value from their own resources by having us do it. For them, it’s the opportunity cost that makes Professional Services a value proposition.

“Other customers have great business knowledge, but limited IT knowledge,” Clemens continued. “They aren’t sure what type of site to build, how to build it, or how secure to make it. With Linode’s bootstrapping expertise and appropriate cloud- hosting tools at our disposal, the value to this kind of customer engaging Professional Services becomes a sophisticated spend.”

Since its founding in 2003, Linode has endeavored to foster ease-of-use and deliver optimum performance within its virtual hosting environment for its customers. Professional Services continues that tradition.

“Linode has always sought to deliver the biggest bang for a customer’s cloud-hosting buck,” said Aker. “Professional Services is all about helping our customers - more.”

To that end over the last six months, Linode has introduced hourly billing, committed more than $45 million to a state-of-the-art hardware upgrade (including bringing online enterprise-grade SSD servers), rolled out a $10-per-month plan, and revamped its Guides and Tutorials library in conjunction with GitHub.

About Linode:
Christopher S. Aker founded Linode in 2003 and now, with over 250,000 customers worldwide, the company continues to offer developers and business owners the highest-performance cloud servers available at an affordable price. The company makes it easy for anyone to select a plan, platform distribution and datacenter, and launch a cloud server in under a minute. From there, customers can dynamically scale their environments to meet business demands – paying for only what they use, with no long- term commitments. The Onion and WP Engine are two notable enterprises that rely on Linode.

Linode’s proven Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform enables customers to fully customize their environments from six data centers in the US, UK and Asia. Subscribers also have the option to add managed services to any plan thereby putting Linode in charge of day-to-day node administration.

For interview requests of CEO Christopher S. Aker or other Linode principals, please call Keith Craig to schedule. For more information on Linode, please visit