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11º Aniversário de Linode / $10 Linode plano

A Linode abriu hoje suas portas há 11 anos, oferecendo servidores virtuais com ótimo serviço e, por fim, sendo pioneira em uma nova indústria. É difícil acreditar que tenha sido há tanto tempo. Tem sido divertido relembrar através dos antigos posts do fórum aqueles anos formativos como este e este.

Muitos dos antigos cargos ecoam os mesmos sentimentos que nos definem hoje: compromisso com o serviço ao cliente, confiabilidade e abordagem de bom senso das ferramentas que desenvolvemos, nossas políticas e a forma como administramos nossos negócios. Acima de tudo, um compromisso com nossos clientes. Seu feedback e sua contribuição ao longo dos anos tem ajudado a moldar a Linode no que ela é hoje. E por isso, lhe agradecemos. Alguns desses comentários recentes foram para um plano menor, e nós os ouvimos.

Apresentando o Linode 1G - uma entrada de $10/mo ($.015/hr) em nossa linha de planos Linode. Este novo Linode funciona na mesma rede de 40 Gbps, SSDs, e poder de processamento que nossos planos maiores. Da mesma forma, o tráfego de entrada é livre e restrito apenas pela velocidade do link (40 Gbps).

Largura de banda
Linode 1G 24 GB 1 núcleo 2 TB 125 Mbps $0,015/hr | $10/mo

Uma observação sobre a API e esse novo plano - os resultados de avail.linodeplans() mudaram. Por favor, verifique se você está usando o PlanID correto para o plano desejado.

Mais uma vez, gostaríamos de lhe agradecer por seus negócios e por seu feedback. Aproveite!

Comentários (55)

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    Wow, $10 plan! Great!

  3. Author Photo

    Great news.. and is it possible to seamlessly switch from a $20 to a $10 without having to rebuild the server? I have a machine that doesn’t do much, would be nice to save some cash.

  4. Author Photo

    Awesome! Congrats on 11 years, here’s to 11 more!

  5. Author Photo

    A great news!

  6. Author Photo

    @alex: it isn’t possible to do that, you’ll have some downtime while it migrates.

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    I know lots of people requested this, but I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. I don’t like to see small businesses do things which jeopardized their potential for growing revenue. Also, it makes me feel less elitist now that there is a cheap plan 🙂 However, I might just get an extra $10/month linode for backup or something.

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    Wow… I don’t even remember how many times I’ve said this recently… but still, YOU GUYS ROCK!

  9. Author Photo

    Great news!

    Do Linode 1G plans have /64 ipv6 subnets as the standard 2G and bigger plans ?

  10. Author Photo

    It’s great! I have a 2GB Linode but do not use it too much, and I’d like to switch to a 1GB one to save some cash. Actually, it’s because link speed from my country to the nearest data center is not good enough to ultilize a 125mbps bandwidth, let alone 250mbps.

  11. Author Photo

    Wow, I never realized Linode shared my birthday.. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve been a client since late 2003, and it truly is such a wonderful service. These $10 plans will be perfect for pre-production development.

    Thanks for 11 great years caker!

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    Thanks a lot, definitely jumping on this. Linode has an uncanny ability to deliver extra value just when I need

  13. Author Photo

    We haven’t yet received the promised update for our 32bit Linodes in two months. Any update on that?

  14. Author Photo

    Wait, when did the $20/mo plans get 2GB? Mine still has its memory limited at 1GB, when will my server update to the new plan specs?

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    nice, and grats with birthday.
    will be there a $5 plan in the future?

  16. Author Photo
  17. Author Photo

    Wow, time does fly – I think it was 2004 I first signed up for that 64 Mb UML with Linode! I’ve reinstalled a few times since then, not least to move from 32 to 64 bit, and rebooted each time caker throws us another virtual DIMM, but the downtime in that decade has been impressive: one upstream DDoS, a brief outage for a power issue, probably a couple of host restarts I didn’t even notice until checking logs. Very well done – happy birthday, and here’s to another 11 years like that!

    IPv6, reverse DNS control, handy and clear bandwidth/load graphs, a control panel, and verification/notification for logins from unfamiliar IP addresses: it’s an impressive lineup. A 1G option’s very nice too – I might downsize my current Linode and add a second somewhere else to mirror my sites.

    Oh, one thing I would like to see one day: any chance of a chunk of cheaper/slower disk for backup/archive purposes? I remember Bytemark in the UK having that on VMs a while back, you could NFS mount something (RAID6 SATA IIRC, great for chucking old log files, mail etc on). I’ve got something in cron that dumps stuff to Amazon S3 for now, but a Linode version could be handy.

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    Is the forum working? I get a server timeout.

    Thanks for this. Really good for a staging or testing server.

  19. Author Photo

    Linode just keeps getting better! Happy birthday!

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    Great. I hope Linode dont do a $5 plan.
    Will there be upgrade on NodeBalancer?
    SAN / Object Storage?
    Private Networking ( Or is that already available? )
    Extras? New Pricing or get rid of it? I would like to see new extras priced at 50% difference of the Next Price Plan. On a Linode 2GB plan, you pay an extra $10/m you can choose from 4GB Ram / 4 Core CPU / 96GB SSD / 4TB Bandwidth.So if you have wanted any of those two upgrade it would be better to get the actual price plan.

  21. Author Photo

    Oh And would love to see more EU and SEA region to choose from as well.

  22. Author Photo

    Happy birthday to linode!,and I love the 1G plan!

  23. Author Photo

    @James You probably need to reboot your server to reflect the changes. 🙂

  24. Author Photo

    Happy birthday to Linode!

  25. Author Photo

    A little latter,
    Happy Birthday!

    Linode is one of my best toys, with two of this new plan, the same price maybe will cause more funny.

    I like your service, you guys AWESOME!

  26. Author Photo

    Great news!
    Really wanna see more Asia Pacific regions (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore) and some EU regions.

  27. Author Photo

    And only a few days ago I created a Digital Ocean server as I needed a low end dev machine… well, I’ll certainly be moving it to Linode now. Great stuff.

  28. Author Photo

    Happy Birthday Linode! Thanks for the great news, you guys rock!

  29. Author Photo

    That’s awesome!

  30. Author Photo

    I honestly love what linode is doing. Excellent service, documentation and support.
    Plus I can perform any experiments when I want without incurring unnecessary commitments and excess costs.
    Happy Birthday Linode. Your rock!

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    Wow $10 plan is awesome. Perfect for little bits 😀

  32. Author Photo

    Great job and congratulations on your 11th anniversary. My main website will remain on the 2GB plan, but this will make it so much easier and cheaper to set up temporary or test servers.

    When I registered my domain name more than ten months ago, it took me over a week of extensive research to select a hosting provider. Among the candidates were Linode, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace, just to name a few. I wanted a VPS provider that had a long track record of reliable, fast performance with good support and highly scalable servers so that I could expand easily as needed in the future. DigitalOcean clearly had the best value, but it isn’t as established as the others. Rackspace boasted superior support and had by far the most scalable servers, but proved to be too expensive. In the end, I selected Linode—although it was a bit expensive for a 1GB VPS at the time, I felt this would be the best place to host my website for years to come. I don’t regret it.

    Ultimately, this will bring more customers to Linode for affordable VPSs backed by a history of more than 10 years of reliable performance. Great job, and I wish you best of luck.

  33. Author Photo

    Oh, and one more thing: I’ve been using openSUSE as my main desktop Linux distribution for its ease of administration, and so I wanted my server to run openSUSE as well. openSUSE support was a bit hard to find among VPS providers, and DigitalOcean not offering an openSUSE image was a dealbreaker. At the time, Linode’s openSUSE image was outdated, but updating the server to the latest version was painless. In any case, this is just one more reason I’m won’t be switching from Linode anytime soon. Keep it up.

  34. Author Photo

    Would love to see Sydney or Singapore! Keep up the good work Linode.

  35. Author Photo

    Great news. Congrats for being the best provider for the last 11years. Wish you to continue the same 🙂

    I’ll be extremely happy if you will come to Singapore 🙂

    One of your competitor (in terms of plans only) has presence in Singapore! I hope you will also come and show your strength in Singapore & India 🙂

  36. Author Photo

    Great! Linode is catching up with Digital Ocean 🙂

  37. Author Photo

    For several years now Linode has said that an offering below the $20 price point was not economically viable for them.

    What’s changed, are you squeezing double the number of customers onto a box now to compensate?

  38. Author Photo

    Awesome news! I was just about to switch my low usage VPS over to DO, as $20 seemed too much for my usage. But I’m happy to stay for $10. I’ll probably move some of my other VPSes back here too now.

  39. Author Photo

    Now I have two Linodes in separate data centres for the same price as my old one. Good one!

  40. Author Photo

    Is the Linode iOS app going to get an update with the new plan?

  41. Author Photo

    Ironically I will probably end up spending more as $10 boxes make it viable to run Dev and Test servers in Linode as well. I am OK with that as it is better when pushing to production.

  42. Author Photo

    Excellent news! I’ve used Linode almost exclusively for my VPS needs but the 20$ plan had become oversized for my requirements and I had been considering a cheaper alternative. With the 10$ plan I’m now 100% sure I’ll be staying with you. Truth be said price has not always been the sole reason for sticking with Linode. IMHO console access + pv-grub support is a real differentiator as it gives you full control of the VM (which in my case allowed me to install my favorite BSD – NetBSD). No other VPS vendor support such flexible and powerful tools.

  43. Author Photo

    @Mark: “What’s changed”

    I can’t read the minds of the Linode management, but it’s pretty obvious that two things have changed over the last couple of years:

    1) The specs for even the cheapest VPS in the lineup have improved so much over the last couple of years that they now far exceed the requirements of many those who bought their servers for things like hosting a handful of blogs, or for personal VPNs, etc.

    2) They were being severely undercut by companies like Digital Ocean offering decent quality plans for as little as $5 and $10/month.

    The combination of the two factors makes growth and retention of customers more difficult if you’re not offering competitively priced plans. The recent spec upgrades ensure that Linode competes effectively at the mid to high end, but without a $10 plan there was a growing hole in their lineup that was allowing part of their target customer base to slip from their grasp.

    Again, just conjecture, but from someone who was beginning to think about moving to a cheaper plan elsewhere. Now I don’t need to.

  44. Author Photo

    Wow … surprised to see this and a very useful plan

  45. Author Photo

    Great news, and thank you for the great service and continuing upgrades. Linode just gets better and better, and uptime has been great.

    I’d like to second the request for more storage from linode – storage is the thing that’s lagging now. I have several customers who’d love more cheap storage for backups or static files infrequently used, and would be willing to pay a supplement for it. As it is the storage available with the lower plans doesn’t match up with the capability of the memory/bandwidth nowadays. If you could have separate storage volumes attached to linodes I’d be really happy as it would mean the VPS can be used for processes and storage can live elsewhere, so for example when upgrading/downgrading you wouldn’t need to worry about copying loads of files which are not changing. Ideally they’d be reasonably fast (for a fee), but even if they were slow that’d be fine.

    It’d save customers looking elsewhere to places like Amazon for backup/storage even if they host on linode.

  46. Author Photo

    More storage options would be very neat :3

  47. Author Photo

    I would looove to come back, but my $5 DO is still enough, $5 offering perhaps? (as a note, if you have your VM backed with SSD, like these new linodes are, if you occasionally run out of RAM and run into swap, it doesn’t hurt as bad–so less RAM is OK now that it is backed with SSD’s–lower price point win)

  48. Author Photo

    This is great!

  49. Author Photo

    Some of us have been with Linode for quite a while.
    Your account has been active since October 20, 2004

  50. Author Photo

    the 10/mo plan is cheaper than my VPN in China!


    F**k GFW

  51. Author Photo

    Would really want to second extra storage solutions. I don’t need 100G of extra SSD storage, but 200G of extra external HD storage would be useful.

  52. Author Photo

    Would be nice if you guys actually honored this pricing….

    To quote support “we nevered lowered our pricing.”

    Been continuing to pay $20/mo since the change. Support outright REFUSES to correct this.

  53. Author Photo
  54. Author Photo

    It’s still exciting to see this, bu the JP1 is long gone. The network connect between JP2 and mainland China is not good.

  55. Author Photo

    wirklich toll! cool

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