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BlogLinodeDallas Upgrades agora disponíveis!

Dallas Upgrades agora disponíveis!

[b]Dallas Upgrades agora disponíveis![/tamanho][/b]

Nós [url=https://www.linode.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2634]dobramos seus recursos [/url], e finalmente temos o hardware novinho em folha, mais rápido para que você os receba. Para migrar para este novo hardware, utilize a ferramenta [url=https://www.linode.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2658]Migration Queue[/url], localizada aqui:


Venha e pegue-os!


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    Thanks Caker! It’s a shame you were messed around so much by The Planet, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.


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    My "machine" is in the que to migrate, but I don’t see anything listed on my dashboard job que… I’m assuming this is something different?

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    [quote:f44951afea=”id10t”]My "machine" is in the que to migrate, but I don’t see anything listed on my dashboard job que… I’m assuming this is something different?[/quote]
    It’s another queue to get your migration jobs into the JOB queue. It prevents everyone from migrating at the same time, and also updates your account to reflect the new resources.


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    >> Your position is 27 out of 27 queued migrations in your datacenter

    drool, drool, slobber, slobber…

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    [quote:d2ac7fe373=”caker”][b]Dallas Upgrades now available![/size][/b][/quote]

    The migration queue is now 26 deep (up from 11 this morning). I’m holding off until this evening, with the hope that the migration will actually be done in the middle of the night.

    But, I’ve noticed that there were three available hosts listed this morning, and now there is only one. Will migrations be suspended until more hosts are added, or am I just "johnny-come-lately"?

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    We’re turning new hosts up as we need them. We’ve got enough machines online to accommodate almost everyone in Dallas, with more being shipped early next week (just a standard rack-n-stack this time around, no waiting around for the datacenter to complete contracts or build outs).


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    Worked great, my migration just finished. Thanks again Chris.

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    You guys are awesome… thanks 😀

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    Mine went smoothly too… Thanks for the upgrades!

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    I’m wondering… I currently have a 512, so that means I’ll be getting a 1024. But, the only available hosts to migrate to are 768s. Does this mean I can’t schedule my migration at the moment? Will some 1024s show up on that list some time before Sunday?



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