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Planos Atualizados de Linodes / Novos Linodes Maiores


Nós atualizamos a linha Linode!

Todos os planos receberam um aumento de recursos. Todas as instâncias padrão agora vêm com mais espaço em disco, com os planos padrão maiores recebendo um aumento de RAM, vCPU e armazenamento. Os planos High Memory receberam um aumento de RAM. Também introduzimos uma nova instância padrão grande: o Linode 192GB, complementando nosso maior Linode High Memory : o Highmem 300GB. Dê uma olhada no linha completa em nossa página de preços.

Todos os novos planos estão disponíveis agora - os novos Linodes terão as novas especificações. E, como sempre, estas atualizações também estão disponíveis para seus Linodes existentes - você verá um banner de "atualização pendente" no Gerente de Linodes.

Gostaríamos de saber que outros tipos ou tamanhos você acharia útil. Informe-nos nos comentários.


Comentários (44)

  1. Author Photo

    It would be awesome if there would be more instance types like the new digitalocean “Flexible Droplets”.

    2 GB 2 vCPUs 60 GB 3 TB $15/mo

  2. Author Photo

    Thanks a lot for this awesome upgrade!

  3. Author Photo

    Nice guys, thanks muchly!

  4. Author Photo

    Awesome! Always ahead of the game. Gonna update our article asap.

  5. Author Photo

    Thank you!

  6. Author Photo

    Wow Wow Wow thanks heaps!

  7. Author Photo

    I just migrated and noticed the processor changed from an Intel E5 to an AMD EPYC. Meltdown/Spectre have you guys spooked enough to switch over?

  8. Author Photo

    Thanks for the free upgrade! And kudos to Linode for going with AMD EPYC 7451 processors.

  9. Author Photo

    Thank you, it’s awesome upgrade!

  10. Author Photo

    I clicked the upgrade button for my $5/month VPS, but after reboot, my server still says 20GB disk space instead of 25GB.

  11. Author Photo

    Great news! Thanks a lot, just in time. Love you 🙂

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    Awesome! couldn’t believe I commented on linode fanpage and you guy just updated plans. Its like wish coming true. Thank you

  13. Author Photo

    I really appreciate the upgrade!

    As far as more options. I too would like something in between the 10 and 20 dollar plan like the 2 GB 2 vCPUs 60 GB 3 TB $15/mo suggested above.

  14. Author Photo

    I’ve forgotten what I used to have actually. Is there a place that list what they used to be before this change?

  15. Author Photo


    Do you have any plans to update your monthly traffic limits? This is the main reason why I still have a few dedicated servers.

    I’d love to see plans that compete with OVH/other providers in terms of bandwidth (eg: unlimited usage, but with a speed limit). The day this happens is the day I move everything to Linode.

    Also, good to see some AMD CPUs 🙂

  16. Author Photo

    I just got the free storage upgrade, then migrated to a Nanode 1024 using the extra space in the 2048 to make a smaller raw disk. I still have an E5-2680v3, would have loved to get one of those Epyc processors.

    +Eric Xiao
    When you upgraded, did you expand your disk in Linode Manager?

  17. Author Photo

    thanks for disk quota updates – came at a good time previously at 80% disk usage now after disk upgrades at 40% disk usage !

    did get to try AMD EPYC though still on old E5-2680v2

  18. Author Photo

    I agree with the previous commenters on their proposed $15 plan. Or, even better for my use case, enhancing the backup service so it can also be used to back up block storage.

  19. Author Photo

    @William – Yes, you expand your disk in the manager.

  20. Author Photo

    That’s awesome. I just wish you guys could provide some cheaper non-ssd storage for people who don’t need the speed of SSD. Sometimes, we just want to store dead barely-used files. Maybe provide it as block storage.

  21. Author Photo

    Hi LINODE, are you going to keep us FOR EVER?! Thanks guys!

  22. Author Photo

    Together forever and never to part,
    Together forever we two. 😛
    Thanks for the upgrade. Awesome feeling.

  23. Author Photo

    Thanks for the update Linode 🙂

    Other comments here, mentioned that their Linode CPU was upgrade from Intel to AMD. That sounds great. Unfortunately AMD is not available at all Linode data centers. According to Linode support, only a few Dallas hosts up are in rotation and running AMD. And more or less random at this time.

    In the future, if Linode decides to offer AMD or an open source CPU for all their data centers, we look forward to that

    Even better than AMD would be an open source CPU. Seems this would align with Linode’ values. We would love to migrate to an open source CPU. For those not familiar with open source CPU:
    • RISC-V at http://opencores.org/openrisc Google, HP, and Oracle have joined the RISC-V foundation.
    • Amber at https://opencores.org/project/amber

    Comparison of open source CPU at http://parallel.princeton.edu/openpiton/open_source_processors.php

    Interesting article by Jason at https://www.zdnet.com/article/why-intel-x86-must-die-our-cloud-centric-future-depends-on-open-source-chips-meltdown/
    Archived at https://archive.li/mMKj3

  24. Author Photo

    Francewhoa, “migrate to”? I wonder which percent of users want this, more than 0,1%? One 80mhz ARM core per socket for a price of entire Xeon socket, who needs that?

  25. Author Photo

    Very nice, congrats and thank you!

  26. Author Photo

    Thank you very much for this! I was waiting for the block storage, but now I’m done for a time with what we’ve gotten 😀

  27. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode! As for needs / suggestions, in my case I usually bump up against disk storage limits way before anything else. Then CPU. Finally a distant third, network transfer.

    I guess my priorities in order are to have stuff, to do things with my stuff, and lastly to share my stuff with the broader world. Sounds like some formula for spiritual unhappiness but there it is.

  28. Author Photo

    Linode continues to be the value and “quality” hosting leader.

    Thank you

  29. Author Photo


    We were happy Linode customers but migrated away about 3 months ago due to lack of flexibility in ofered products. We needed a 24GB RAM VPS with extra disk space (20GB was not scalable enough) which was not possible hence ended up compromise on SDD vs HDD and migrated over to ovh. Now I don’t feel like going back as it’s too much work. You’re still behind competitors athough good to hear you’re improving offers.


  30. Author Photo

    My first Linode started life as a 384MB instance with 20GB storage space (I think) when I moved from some dodgy “cpanel shared hosting” plan in about 2009/2010.

    It’s 2GB with 50GB today and still going strong. Albeit with a few rebuilds along the way.

  31. Author Photo

    What was updated? Do you have side by side diff of the changes? Thanks.

  32. Author Photo

    Wow, thanks folks!

    There’s a reason I’m a loyal customer, and this is part of it. That, and I trust your expertise.

  33. Author Photo

    CPU Optimized Plans ? Vultr, DO, AWS, GCP, etc etc have various offerings/plans. Would love to see Linode have “dedicated hyper-threads” of some sort (in Atlanta) !!! 🙂

  34. Author Photo

    Hey Randall! Nothing to announce right now, but we have lots of good stuff in the works – stay tuned to this blog 🙂

  35. Author Photo

    Great work! Would be nice to see an even cheaper plan for $2.50 or less (like Vultr) for throwing up beta sites and side projects.

  36. Author Photo

    @Francewhoa, I personally do not “look forward” to niche cloud providers with razor-thin margins in a competitive industry deciding to gamble on datacenter buildouts using experimental platforms supported by microscopic communities where the only hardware vendor is a 10-person company. But that’s probably just because I want to see these niche cloud providers survive.

  37. Author Photo

    Thank you, Linode! Love the systems. Love the free upgrades. 🙂

    Perhaps I’m overlooking it, but I think an option to add storage to any Linode would be awesome. For instance, I’m working on a project that will probably store / serve more data and images than it will need CPU / memory for processing it. Yes, memory would be useful for an in-memory database, but it’s far less important than storing the actual data / images.

    Anyway, thanks for the upgrade!

  38. Author Photo

    I’m delighted by the words “free upgrade”, but I’m wondering why the number of vCPUs is going *down* (at least for me)?

    Here’s what it says in my Linode Manager:

    This Linode has pending upgrades:

    Resources affected:

    RAM goes from 1 GB → 4 GB
    Storage goes from 48 GB → 80 GB
    Transfer goes from 2000 GB → 4000 GB
    vCPUs go from 8 vCPUs → 2 vCPUs
    Outbound Mbits goes from 250 Mbits → 4000 Mbits

  39. Author Photo


    I have 2 linodes. They are exactly the same. BUT one runs MYSQL queries almost 90% faster than the other. The database is locally on each linode. I spent ALL THIS DAY trying to find the problem I am pretty sure I finally found the curlprit!

    When I access the linode linode1502068 and execute “cat /proc/cpuinfo” I found out that it’s using a processor with these characteristics:

    model name : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz
    stepping : 2
    microcode : 0x1
    cpu MHz : 2499.992
    cache size : 16384 KB

    On the other linode linode8678669 if I execute the same command I got this:

    model name : AMD EPYC 7451 24-Core Processor
    stepping : 2
    microcode : 0x1000065
    cpu MHz : 2299.788
    cache size : 512 KB

    You can CLEARLY see that one CPU’s clock is at 2.5 and the other at 2.3. Ok, not a huge difference here. BUT if you take a close look at the CACHE SIZE you will see one linode has AT LEAST 30 times more cache! I am pretty sure this makes a huge difference when running mysql queries, mainly when reading then cause CPU can cache some things.

    So I ask you, is this a common practice of linode to charge exactly the same amount on 2 linodes that shoudl have the exactly same characterstcs, but clearly one is far worse than the other?

    On my server I execute and API that only reads data and it makes a big difference using the INTEL CPU instead of the AMD CPU.

    Have you ever thought that this is not fair with consumers? People paying the same are having different experiences??

  40. Author Photo

    @Joaquim Farias:

    A little late, but the specs show both the Intel and AMD processors you’re using have roughly around the same amount of cache memory per processor available. The Intel has 30MB of “Smart Cache” for 12 processors, while the AMD has 64MB Level 3 cache for 24 processors.

    I am not an expert, but I suspect the numbers reported by cpuinfo are not equivalent, and that probably isn’t the source of the large performance discrepancy you’re seeing. Assuming it’s not some overlooking difference in your software stack, then I’m sure the Linode support team would be happy to look into it, if they haven’t already. Could be a configuration issue.

  41. Author Photo

    Great! Really value for money regarding your machines.
    Is it possible to perform the upgrade directly from your new manager interface? I can see “Upgrade pending”, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to upgrade it without leaving for the old interface…

  42. Author Photo

    Great to hear, this is why I transferred.

  43. Author Photo

    I think it would be much better if we wait and see how EPYC 2 will be first, which allows 64 Core / 128 Thread per Socket. DRAM and NAND price are also dropping.

    What I would really like to see is something like Vultr, a dedicated server that only has 1 option, and aiming at $120 price. It should be something for “base” load.

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