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Instâncias de Alta Memória e Linódios de $5


Feliz dia dos Namorados!

Enquanto nossas instâncias padrão oferecem um equilíbrio de RAM, CPU e armazenamento e são ótimas para casos de uso geral, algumas cargas de trabalho (e orçamentos) se beneficiariam muito com a especialização. Devido a essas necessidades variadas, estamos anunciando nossa primeira família especializada: instâncias de alta memória e também um nova Linode de 5 dólares. A linha de Linode cresce.

Instâncias de alta memória

As instâncias de alta memória são otimizadas para cargas de trabalho de memória intensiva como bancos de dados de alto desempenho, cache in-memory caching, renderização e processamento de dados. As instâncias de alta memória oferecem uma maior proporção de RAM para CPU e armazenamento, começam com 16GB de memória e escalam até 200GB, e variam de $60 a $960 por mês. Consulte o quadro abaixo para obter informações específicas ou visite a nossa página de preços simples.

Plano $5 - Linode 1GB

Também estamos introduzindo a Linode 1GB, nossa instância com o preço mais baixo de sempre, a apenas 5 dólares por mês. Acreditamos que isto irá acrescentar uma grande utilidade ao nosso serviço.


Vale a pena mencionar que Linodes pode ser facilmente redimensionado para cima ou para baixo, e até mesmo através de tipos de instância. Ou seja, você pode redimensionar seu Linode existente para cima em tamanho, para baixo em tamanho, ou mesmo redimensionar uma instância padrão para se tornar uma instância de alta memória e vice-versa.


Os Linodes baseados em Xen Legacy não são elegíveis para redimensionar para estes novos planos. Você pode facilmente atualizar seus Linodes antigos baseados em Xen para nossa plataforma KVM, seguindo o link "Upgrade to KVM" no lado direito do painel do seu Linode.

As contas antigas pré-pagas também não são elegíveis para estes novos planos. Você pode facilmente atualizar sua conta para faturamento por hora. Encontre mais informações aqui.

Linode 2GB Aumento de armazenamento

E finalmente, o plano Linode 2GB ($10/mês) existente está recebendo um upgrade de armazenamento gratuito de 24GiB para 30GiB. Enquanto o espaço adicional é aplicado instantaneamente ao seu Linode, você precisará redimensionar seu disco existente ou criar um novo disco para usar o espaço.

E, finalmente, também aumentamos o limite de velocidade de saída da rede em todos os planos para estar no mínimo em 1000 Mbits. Os Linodes existentes terão que reiniciar para pegar o novo valor, só isso!

Estamos sempre à procura de formas de melhorar a facilidade de utilização e utilidade da Linode e da nossa plataforma, por isso, por favor informe-nos. Esperamos que ache estes novos planos úteis. Fique atento; nos próximos meses estaremos lançando em beta nosso nova Linode Manager, RESTful API e serviço de armazenamento em bloco.


Comentários (130)

  1. Author Photo

    It’s nice to see a $5 Linode and I’d consider using it but with 75 mbps they are next to useless for a lot of projects. The direct competition (DO, Vultr) offers 10 Gbps in some locations but at least a 1 Gbps port even on the smallest plan while with Linode I get 75 mbps (!).

  2. Author Photo

    Great job rolling out that 5$ plan!

    Will try next time instead of DigitalOcean. 75Mbps should be more than enough for hobby stuff that I use it for.

    Another killer feature would be not charging – or charging 10x less – for turned off instances.

  3. Author Photo

    Please linode – next feature – Allow more disk space / adding additional disks without having to double your plan!!

    • Author Photo

      @alain We’re hearing you loud and clear, a block storage service is widely requested and is currently in alpha. We’re aiming to bring a beta out in the coming months.

  4. Author Photo

    Wow! Thanks for the $5 plan! It even has 1GB RAM!

    Any plan for storage instances or block storage?

    • Author Photo

      @liew We’re glad to bring that plan out! We don’t have anything to announce for block storage just yet, but we are attempting to bring a beta out in the coming months.

  5. Author Photo

    Glad to hear about block storage in pipeline.

  6. Author Photo

    I’m really glad to see a $5/month instance. I’ve always liked Linode’s hosting, but for a little hobby project, more than $5/month is a bit more than I’d like to pay. Now I can get more for my $5! 🙂

    As for networking, while DO says that technically a VM can use up to 1gbps, the reality is that they want you to limit to 300mbps, for all droplets. I like that, with Linode, I know how much network capacity I’ve been provisioned.

  7. Author Photo

    Your website is currently listing all plans as having 1000Mbps out or more. Even the $5 plan. Typo or upgrade??

  8. Author Photo


    The blog says network out is 75Mbps but your site says 1000Mbps for the new $5 plan. Which is correct?

  9. Author Photo

    @Locke @Soh I just noticed that! Sweet! More mbps is better mbps! 🙂

  10. Author Photo

    @Soh, excellent. I have been with Linode a couple years now, and it just keeps getting better. Thank you!!

  11. Author Photo

    @Nik, think of it in terms of driving. Linode’s offering is like a 75Mbps speed limit with unlimited miles, where Vultr’s offering is a limited number of miles (you can pay overage fees) with an unadvertised speed limit. Does that mean Linode’s is inferior?

    We would need to find out what DO and Vultr’s speed limits are. Do you get a virtual 1Gbps port going out a 100Mbps physical link? Do you really get a 1Gbps link, but their connection to the internet is only a T3?

    I suppose an easier way to compare them would be to ask the question what is the total bandwidth you could send out from the linode @ 75Mbps over the course of a month? That would give you your total *outgoing* bandwidth. Then do the same with the incoming and you’d get a total transfer rate to compare it with Vultr and DO.

  12. Author Photo


    Their Frankfurt location is built with multiple 10 GbE pipes. So I most of the time am able to burst 2-5 Gbps, even on crowded hostsystems.

  13. Author Photo

    Another thing I just noticed: It says $0,0075 per hour for the $5 plan. But $0,0075 are not $5 per month 🙂

    • Author Photo

      @nik That’s right, you’ll accrue charges up until that monthly cap is hit (around 27-28 days in). You won’t be charged any more for the rest of that month.

  14. Author Photo

    1000Mbps?! Is that real?! What about nodebalancers network port?

    • Author Photo

      @diego It is certainly real and the NodeBalancers should function pretty much the way they always have: routes traffic very snappily between your backends on the port you decide.

  15. Author Photo

    Will existing Linode be able to benefit from the new 1000Mbps speed? Do they need to be upgraded or downgraded in the manager, or has it already taken effect?

  16. Author Photo

    Great Job Linode 🙂 Now you are giving some tough competitions to others. Minimum 1000 Mbps network out is a really good upgrade.

  17. Author Photo

    @mike Reboot your Linode to take advantage of the new upload rate.

  18. Author Photo

    glad to see 5$ package. and still it is better than digital ocean which provides 512MB RAM with 5$ monthly package.

  19. Author Photo

    @Soh Thanks for clarifying that! Makes sense now.

  20. Author Photo

    Glad to here another free upgrade! Thanks, Linode 🙂

    It’s sad that an old Xen based instance cannot downgrade to $5 plan. I thought I could at least downgrade to save money while not moving to another DC. I still have not moved to Tokyo DC2 because I just don’t want to change my IP even with the cost of not having the free upgrade announced more than a year ago. But it seems better to move now.

    So, Linode doesn’t want to upgrade Tokyo 1 DC, does it?

  21. Author Photo

    Nice surprise Linode, as usual!
    Happy customer here, since 2009. Time flies.

  22. Christopher Aker

    @CnZhx tokyo1 is full, and will not be receiving upgrades. You must move to tokyo2 for all of the new stuff.

  23. Author Photo

    Thanks Linode! Great to finally see some innovation and progress to keep up with the market! Implement truly private networking and the platform will be the one to beat!

  24. Author Photo

    Per the new Linode Manager… I actually like the design of the current interface. It’s fast and puts data and usage first (not fancy design). I can get in, do stuff, and leave without much pain. It’s intuitive. I understand there’s a lot under the surface that could use a more modern approach. I would hope any new design avoids the pitfalls that some companies have taken with Web 2.0, such as: large text and empty spacing (can’t see more than a few items without having to scroll), slow asynchronous loading with lots of spinning loading icons, mobile-first to the detriment of power users (items hidden behind menus and more clicks needed to get stuff done), small pagination so it take many clicks to find items in a list, etc. The NameCheap redesign comes to mind as an example of a poor interface that, for all the warts of the old interface, was a setback in many ways.

  25. Author Photo

    Nice! Finally. Now you really are the best in all aspects (reliability, price, performance) compared to all other major VPS providers.

    Keep it up!

  26. Author Photo

    It’s great to have this news. I hope that Linode could offer some features as snapshots (without limits like it’s right now), node balancers that support external servers and TCP traffic, and of course block storage.

  27. Author Photo

    Ohh boy!!!
    higher outbound limit is what i have asking to linode couple of times. really appreciate for hearing my request.
    also thanks for the 5$ plan. it really came out just in time for me 😉

  28. Author Photo

    Everyone comparing Linode to DO… you’d think Linode is afraid of DigitalOcean or something?

    Anyway, good for you linode. Hopefully you don’t have any more outages like today, or the 4 others in Feb you’ve had

  29. Author Photo

    Exciting news. After being away from Linode for a couple years (moved to a much more affordable dedicated host), you’ve finally swayed us to come back. These prices and your management of the underlying hardware is the piece that makes it worth it.

    Funny you pushed these prices today, we were about to pull the trigger on DigitalOcean. DO is still attractive with block storage, but… we do have experience with you and feel that you’re going to be implementing what makes them attractive in the near term from what you’re saying.

    Can we get into a block storage alpha? If not, can you recommend a cloud storage that performs well as far as a nice pipe between services at the moment? Block storage is a real serious requirement anymore.

    Also, I know it’s splitting hairs, but can you finally give us a dark interface for the control panel??? This helps: https://userstyles.org/styles/138306/dark-linode-manager – but it sure would be nice to see a dark pro interface for all of us working late hours and in studios. 🙂

    • Author Photo

      @ylluminate We’re happy to hear that you’ve decided to give us another try! We have had one of our team managers reach out to you to see if there’s anything we can do to help you with and to answer your questions about the alpha.

  30. Author Photo

    Two years ago, comparing to DO, Linode wins on CPU, Disk I/O , Networking Transfer, Bandwidth and Latency. One year ago Linode got double the memory and further pulling ahead. But it doesn’t seem ( At least looking from outside ) Linode is getting lot more customers.

    I think Linode needs to improve its image on Security and DDoS protection. Which is reason why some continue to use DO rather then Linode.

    On the High Memory instance, it looks like Linode is using the same hardware as normal instance, but setting the cost structure on memory and less on transfer / disk space. At first glance it doesn’t seem very attractive to me, but my guess is that down the road next year the Memory Instance will get 50% more memory for the same price.

    I really like the direction Linode is heading, cant wait to see block storage beta.

  31. Author Photo

    Great news! You are doing a great job guys!

  32. Author Photo

    Awesome news! Now I need to go restart some servers 🙂

  33. Author Photo

    Woo, thanks!

    Now you just need a Toronto data center and you’ll be perfect in my eyes!

  34. Author Photo

    That’s awesome! I love having a $5 plan to tinker with.

    That being said, if I do the math, aren’t four $5 plans a better deal than one $20 plan? You’ll get the same 4GB RAM total, but then you’ll also get 4 cores and 80GB of disk space.

  35. Author Photo

    I know block storage is all the buzz, but how about plain ordinary storage? I love my Linode servers, but the storage space available to them is claustrophobic.

  36. Author Photo

    When will the high storage plan introduce?

  37. Author Photo

    //Raises hand for more storage

    32.89 GB used, 46.17 GB total
    Starting to creep up to the limit on storage!

  38. Author Photo

    Great to see higher memory plans but the storage capacity for them is minuscule and disproportionate to the amount of memory being offered.. Prices also feel very high and possibly a little out of touch with what is being offered by other providers.. I’m happy with my current servers but would look elsewhere for high memory instances at the spec and price currently on offer..

    Looking forward to seeing what storage addon’s are in the works and what the prices are like..

    Really don’t envy the job you guys have of keeping up with what others are doing..

    • Author Photo

      @wipeout Our research had brought us to the price points we’ve outlined, but we’re always happy to heed feedback – especially one as thoughtful as yours.

      We also appreciate the empathy! Luckily, we love the competition and the evolving marketplace 🙂

  39. Author Photo

    Great news! Im a happy customer since 2011 according to your records,
    I plan to use this $5usd server to reduce some servers that does not need more performance.

    By the other side, I second the block storage. That would be a great feature from you.

    Thanks for such a great service!


  40. Author Photo

    Will check out the $5 instance for sure.

  41. Author Photo

    Finally a $5/mo plan from Linode! 🙂

  42. Author Photo

    I was your loyal customer in the past, but I left forever because you did not behave nice in the past.
    Before 2-3 years you were saying that it’s impossible to offer anything less than 20$, then anything less than 10$.
    Thanks God, there was Digital Ocean to force you get out of your bubble.

    Your marketing was failure.
    It’s very difficult to get back a client once your loose her.

    You did not appreciate our loyalty in the past and behaved without empathy at all.

    • Author Photo

      @mara I’m sorry a previous experience has left you feeling as if we didn’t care. If there’s anything we can do to make things right by you, let us know.

      At the time when we stated we couldn’t offer less than $20 and less than $10 it really wasn’t feasible for us, but thanks to everyone’s continued support and feedback, it’s become possible. We upgrade and add plans as often as we do as a way to give back to everyone! We feel that an active, changing market is a healthy market, and we aren’t ashamed to say that we’re willing to make some changes to make the customer’s experience better.

  43. Author Photo

    Get over it Mara, things change especially the declining costs of server hardware, bandwidth, etc. It may not have been feasible to offer $10 and $5 plans in the past, but it is now. Of course competition is good.

  44. Author Photo

    Great new with the updated offerings. These changes allowed me to realign some client Linodes as well as my own personal Linodes with actual needs. Saving $5 on a few Linodes may not seem like much in and of itself — But it does free up a few bucks towards resizing upwards other nodes which could make some use of a boost. Meanwhile the $10/mo storage upgrade is also nice as sites grow in data size but not necessarily as quickly in activity to need more CPU/RAM. Same for the memory focused nodes — Though I don’t use tools like Redis on Linode (yet) its great to see an offering that is well tailored for the purpose if (when) I do need to deploy Redis to Linode for clients. A few things I’d love to see going forward:

    1. Block Storage. Glad to see this on the roadmap. I’m really looking to start using apps like OwnCloud which would benefit, and I’d really like to be able to do so with Linode. Block storage would make that possible.

    2. Per customer private VLANs, and with them the concept of a 100% private network only Linode. This would help to improve security as well as freeing up the limited supply of public IPv4 addresses which are not needed (or even desirable) on services such as a Postgres/MariaDB/Mongo DB. Save the public IPs for services which actually need them. I would happily buy private Linodes even if they meant no price discount (due to lack of outgoing bandwidth) — They’d be worthwhile even at standard pricing.

    3. Yeah I know the Linode name implies a particular flavor of kernel. But — I’d really like to see FreeBSD become an officially offered, easily deployable option alongside the current Linux flavors. Though Debian makes it easy and, so far, reliable to get rid of the horrific systemd in favor of traditional sysvinit I doubt that “workaround” will last forever. My own strong preference, and what I’ve done internally/with other providers, has been to dump Linux in favor of FreeBSD 10.x/11.x. Stable. Reliable. And no systemd. As time goes on the availability of OS options not plagued by systemd disease could become a deciding factor for new/upgraded deployments.

    Overall I’ve been very happy with Linode since moving myself and clients off the overpriced, disastrously supported, data losing wreck IBM made of SoftLayer 1.5-2 years ago. Really excited to see where Linode goes next after last year’s successful network upgrades and the coming items mentioned in the blog above. It appears Linode could have a very bright future for those of us in need of quality DC/hosting services with some higher end features, but without the massive product catalogs (and MUCH higher costs) of providers aiming primarily at the Fortune 500.

    • Author Photo

      @alec This is a really well written and thought out comment. The things you’ve requested would be powerful additions, they’ll be kept in mind!

  45. Author Photo
    trendyol indirim kodu

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for one of the best valentines day gift! I would like to transfer my droplet and data from DigitalOcean but I do not know how to do it. Do you mind sharing an idea about it?


    • Author Photo

      @trendyol Thanks for being here for the gift giving! There’s a couple simple ways to do it:

      1. Manually migrate using this guide

      2. Have our Professional Services team do it for you

      If you run into issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Support team. Also, use the code ‘linode10’ for some starting credit!

  46. Author Photo
  47. Author Photo

    Creating $5 instance now!

  48. Author Photo

    Thanks for the $5 option.

  49. Author Photo

    @Ryan – nooooo! If they build a Toronto D/C they’ll have to start charging HST like DO did. I like paying $10/month, not $11.30/month…

  50. Author Photo

    Excellent news.

    One area I’d like to see more effort is around provisioning hosts for Docker (e.g. a docker-machine drivers, images optimised for running docker) and related infrastructure (DNS being compatible with LetsEncrypt/ACME). Currently it’s pretty hard to do this but I’m just about grinding away at it with Linode because the performance, price and support.

    I challenge one of your product guys to install the Rancher container management service and see how easy it is to provision hosts with DO, Vultr, packet. Then compare how laborious it is to do the same with Linode. Then, to top it all off, set yourself up dynamic external DNS provided by DO with the click of a button. This is impossible with Linode DNS.

    Seems to me like linode is missing a big opportunity in the containerisation space.

    Is there somewhere I can vote for these features?

  51. Author Photo

    I’ve been very happy with Linode for many years now. I had a small EC2 reserved instance (3 year reservation), but gave up on it after about a year. Every time they forced some kind of upgrade because of a security issue, there was downtime, often a ticket had to be filed, and it was just unpleasant. With Linode, I’ve never had any problems with their security upgrades: it just happens and all my stuff stays working.

    I tried DigitalOcean for 1-off testing VMs, because at the time they were cheaper than Linode, but their website uses TONS of 3rd-party web services. Since I use NoScript, it makes it very painful to use DO’s site: every new web page required enabling another 10 domains. I just gave up and switched to vultr.com, which was like night and day. Only downside I’ve found with vultr is that starting a new VM is kinda slow, because instead of cloning an image, they go through the whole install process.

    Now, with these cheaper VMs, I’ll just create my test nodes here. And the 1GB bandwidth is really nice. I don’t need it for everyday use, but for testing max throughput to a remote service, it’ll come in very handy.

  52. Author Photo

    I like the $5 option. The high-ram is interesting to keep in mind, although I’m usually constrained by disk more than RAM. Two good additions to the lineup.

  53. Author Photo

    I love you! Finally, I can switch to Linode T.T

  54. Author Photo

    Yeah!! Block storage, for the win!

  55. Author Photo

    Another happy customer since 2011 here.

    My biggest concern for some projects is storage. With the addition of the $5 plan, I can get almost twice the total space with 4 1GB Linodes rather than with 1 4GB Linode (which is what I currently use) and, technically, access to 4 cores and 4 TB of transfer instead of 3 TB using only 1 node, for the same price! Now I just need to find an efficient way to distribute the files among the nodes or wait for Linode to consider this disbalance on the features of their Linode plans and adjust them.

  56. Author Photo

    Great surprise! Keep up the excellent service.
    Happy customer since 2010.

  57. Author Photo

    For me memory upgrades are largely useless, my system is running well below 512meg and that isn’t going to change. What would be useful is better storage options.

  58. Author Photo

    @Vlad Also another TB of data transfer due to pooled bandwidth availability.

    Regardless I was happy to see this change. Looks good. 😉

  59. Author Photo

    Please don’t mess up your wonderful manager interface! Many of us browse the web with NoScript and try to avoid as much JavaScript nonsense as possible. The current Linode manager is one of biggest strengths over the other cloud providers!

    If you can’t use a site with JavaScript disabled, the site is probably not worth using!

  60. Author Photo

    Awesome! Now I can start deploying my next Rails 5 app using Ansible on Linode now. Thank you for the $5 instance.

  61. Author Photo
  62. Author Photo

    First of all, very glad to see this upgrade and improvement.

    However, I will second @skina about the docker stuff and also, I would like to see some features, such floating IP, docker driver, UI based firewall (like AWS), etc, to allow developers to turn the server management job into automatic mode. Nowadays, more and more developers become to indie hackers (www.indiehackers.com) to start building small services make small money, I would say, this is a big opportunity for the next 5 years for cloud providers (evidence? AWS relased Amazon Lightsail), and I can tell DO smells that and really getting started work on it too (Block storage, Floating IP, native Docker driver). I say this because, I hope you can do well.

    BTW, If you mention “Cloud Hosting for Developers” on your landing page, why you don’t do it for us?

    Great day 🙂

  63. Christopher Aker

    We’ve had floating IPs since 2007. See: https://www.linode.com/docs/networking/remote-access#configuring-ip-failover

    You can do dynamic DNS with a one-liner wget or curl. See the [remote_addr] special value for ‘Target’ on domain.resource.update API call: https://www.linode.com/api/dns/domain.resource.update

    We’ll look into Rancher and other docker options for sure. Thanks for the feedback.

  64. Author Photo

    If you’re going to be looking at rancher @caker, you might be better served looking at KuberDock that was just open sourced: https://github.com/cloudlinux/kuberdock-platform

  65. Author Photo

    I’m on a pre paid basis… I’m not eligible for this offer.. I have to keep my other servers on serverpronto.com and digitalocean, then…. bad for you…

  66. Author Photo

    Will stay with Amazon until you have server in Sydney or every better Brisbane.

  67. Author Photo

    +1 for skina, I think too that Linode is missing a big opportunity in the containerisation space. Specialised distro for containers (like CoreOS) are not available out of the box, it requires a lots of manual step to install, very hard to automatize (loosing the automatic private IP networking configuration….). We have a 30+ nodes in our Kubernetes cluster on Linode, it’s very hard to manage and to scale on demand. To be honest, we’re evaluating moving to Google Cloud because of this, we love Linode but not really a solution when you start working with containers at big scale 🙁

    • Author Photo

      @eddy We certainly will put this into consideration. In the mean time we do have something that may help, Linode Images. You’d do the disk installation to get the disk in the condition you want for a skeleton, then make an image to deploy across your server fleet at need.

  68. Author Photo

    Great to see the lineup grows. Any plans to add GPU instances anytime soon?

  69. Author Photo

    I have a great need for servers in Russia and Brazil, as I have many users in those two countries. Please let me know if these two countries will ever be considered for datacenters.

    Thank you,
    Daniel Metlitski

  70. Author Photo

    Could you consider supporting shrinking Raw Disk files?
    Or consider a new disk type called a “MBR Disk” (and allow Raw Disks to be changed to it) where it checks the MBR for free space at the end and allows shrinking accordingly?

  71. Author Photo

    Great stuff. Like the progress. Although, I would really recommend to update the design a bit. You don’t have to go all fancy. But your design needs a hug once in a while. I think that time has arrived 😉

  72. Author Photo

    You are brilliant,
    considering shifting some EC2 nano to $5 plans.

    Thank you

  73. Author Photo

    regarding image, in that official doc says
    “limit of 2GB per Image, with a total of 10GB total Image storage and 3 Images per account.”
    if 2gb per image is max, 3 images will be 6gb maximum. then how come 10gb is the total image storage?

    also linode should consider increasing this 2GB limit. for a ubuntu 16.04 just the OS tooks around 2 GB. i just wanted to have some basic configuration with some must need security in an image so that i can deploy that every time i need to add a server. but 2gb is not sufficient. at least add another GB to that limit.

    • Author Photo


      Those are the default limits but we’re always willing to help our customers, if possible. The intention of the images was to provide a skeleton the user can create and use, so we can’t increase the amount too much, but if a customer needs an additional image slot or to raise the size of the disk just a small amount (maybe even that 1GB you need), we take it into consideration and may accommodate. Sending a ticket would get you to the team that would handle such a request.

      The Ubuntu 16.04 LTS distro image should be clocking in around 700 MB, we try to keep the image as bare boned as possible, but if the distro sizes increase across the board a reconsideration of the limits isn’t off the table.

  74. Author Photo

    How about high CPU and high HDD linodes? Or a way for the customers to create custom?

    • Author Photo


      Nothing to announce for such plans, but block storage is currently being worked on – that might sate the high HDD needs. No date on that just yet, but expect a beta in the coming months.

  75. Author Photo

    I second the request for being able to increase storage without jumping to the next plan!

  76. Author Photo

    +1 for a supported docker-machine driver. Linode images is proprietary and doesn’t work in local dev environments. AWS, DO, Google and Azure are all supported out of the box.
    Currently you need a custom kernel and use an unsupported driver etc…. It’s the main reason we left Linode. We would have stayed otherwise.

  77. Author Photo

    I love Linode so much. Since I run only my blog and test some small apps on my server I really wanted a $5 plan from Linode and personally contacted support if there’s any such package. Guess, I can now finally move my server from Digital Ocean to Linode!

  78. Author Photo

    Well the $5 plan is what I’ve been waiting for to make a decision between Linode and DO. Linode is looking a lot more attractive now.

  79. Author Photo

    I am also looking for “Per customer private VLANs, and with them the concept of a 100% private network only Linode” as Alec requested. This would allow me to migrate my apps from the current setup (colocated hardware in a datacenter) to Linode.

  80. Author Photo

    Congrats guys!

    I’ve been a loyal customer since 2005, am impressed that you still hold the best value after AWS, Google, Azure and DigitalOcean entered into the market.

    Do things that those big guys can’t do – which is keep things bare minimum. Don’t rush to go high up in the stack. Know your strength. And I’m sure you’re going to continue to win us!

  81. Author Photo

    Well, I resized my disk to a total of 20480 megabytes, including swap, but ‘resize’ still will not let me change my linode from the 2048 plan to the 1024 plan. 20GB should be 20480 megabytes I believe – the 2048 plan’s 30GB was equivalent to 30720MB.

  82. Author Photo

    Basically, I think $5 plan is quite attractive, especially for someone who wanna do a quick POC. Then he might wanna estimate this plan

  83. Author Photo

    This absolutely kicks butt, you guys rock! Thanks Linode!

  84. Author Photo

    Block storage is nice to hear, but what would be even nicer is object storage – like S3, but probably implemented as Openstack Swift. Very versatile, generally cheaper.

  85. Author Photo

    Thank you for the additional options. Is there somewhere which describes “conceptually” how these new system might be used. Marketing designed these new offerings because customers were asking for them based of general system needs. Without being technical, what types of things were people asking for?
    $5 – LDAP server, host quickbooks, hosting simple wordpress, etc…
    High Memory – Mail server, PBX, etc…

    Maybe next time you give away something like “Linode 2GB Storage Increase” for free you could build in an option for people to voluntarily tell you what they are using it for in generic terms. Lastly, use the information to create a decision tree with the disclaimer about the source of info.

  86. Author Photo
  87. Author Photo

    AWESOME!! I’m using Linode for 5 years, without any problem! You were always nice!

  88. Author Photo

    Great Linode!
    I’m using DO, Vultr, Linode and Dediserve. And I need to say, by my heart : Linode is Greater Than All.
    PS: hope Datacenter at Hong Kong coming soon ( i’m from Vietnam )

  89. Author Photo
    Sathish Subramanian

    Little disappointed with the limited high memory node options. I think Linode should let us increase the disk and memory to our existing instances. I don’t see how I can afford to upgrade my existing server to these high memory instances. There is no 4 core, 32 GB option. So I want to stick to 4 core, my only option is 60GB memory.

  90. Author Photo

    Well done on rolling that one out.
    I’ll start using you guys instead of ServerHub.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  91. Author Photo

    The one thing holding me back from expanding my Linode presence (already at 30 instances) is private network support. It’s just too hard for us to automatically spool up nodes and connect them privately since I have to update the iptables rules on EACH node just to spool up one more!

  92. Author Photo

    I agree with James’ comment above:

    Block storage is nice to hear, but what would be even nicer is object storage – like S3, but probably implemented as Openstack Swift. Very versatile, generally cheaper.

  93. Author Photo

    @greg What I do to work around the private network thing is have ansible configure ufw (or iptables) rules based on my linode inventory. It was a minor pain at first but now it’s pretty automatic

  94. Author Photo

    The block storage is really exciting and would allow us to move more services off of other providers. One disappointment for me was that DO’s block storage is still on pricey SSD.

    I think it’s fairly obvious that people want the option of a secondary tier of cheaper storage since we’ve already got SSD on the instance

  95. Author Photo

    wonderful upgrades…. now i can use linode

  96. Author Photo

    Regarding my earlier comment: A small step in the right direction would be to make it easy to set up docker machines with aufs or overlay storage drivers. Just trying to do this for a new machine and it’s a nightmare. An updated guide on how to install production-ready Docker on linode would be much appreciated.

  97. Author Photo

    Just tried this method of getting Docker running with aufs and it worked: http://lukeberndt.com/2016/getting-docker-up-on-linode-with-ubuntu-16-04/

  98. Author Photo

    What Alain Richardt said. What I really want is to be able to buy more storage for some instances.

  99. Author Photo

    You guys are the best, i love your plan.

  100. Author Photo

    We are very glad to see upgrade Linode plans, since Linode focus on the global business,And most of customers use linode to create their websites,for distance, We think linode should continuely increase vps internet output, current output isnot enough big, we always hope connect websites fastly everywhere,

    Best regards
    Andy Ma

  101. Author Photo

    like a lot others we really need some way of easily creating private networking yap we can even give up a public ip for all of our linode except the nodebalancer

  102. Author Photo

    This is nice! The only thing off in my opinion is the amount of cores you offer per node. Not sure how much of a performance improvement would be to have 16GB and 1 Core. The 12GB standard plan has 6 Cores and is only $20 dollars more.

  103. Author Photo

    another one here looking forward to adding additional storage without doubling all other resources and price!

  104. Author Photo

    Been a DigitalOcean customer for 4 years. Switching to your $5 for a trial.

  105. Author Photo

    I always wanted to try something new, but since I’m not technical person. I might require sometime before switching to your $5 for a trial.

  106. Author Photo

    Thank you very much for buying this article, very interesting!
    I have not yet moved to Tokyo DC2 because I simply do not want to change my IP even with the cost of not having the free update announced more than a year ago. But it seems better to move now.

  107. Author Photo

    keep it up ! u are good in the jobI’ll start using you guys instead of ServerHub.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  108. Author Photo

    An evolution that is quite noticeable, a giant effort entails, great work as always
    keep keep!
    #linodelove #linode

  109. Author Photo

    Currently I am using digital ocean serve but not satisfied with its performance. Planning to move onto new server, really liked your $5 package. Hoping for a great experience.

  110. Author Photo

    Wow, AWESOME!! I’m using Linode from last 5 years and i didn’t see any problem! You were always nice!

  111. Author Photo

    Would migrate to Linode soon. Nice plans!

  112. Author Photo

    Awesome…I want to migrate my website yo Linode but I don’t know how to do…can u help me??

  113. Author Photo

    Es ist schön zu sehen, dass Linode seine Instanz-Familie erweitert, um besser auf die unterschiedlichen Bedürfnisse und Budgets seiner Kunden eingehen zu können. Die Einführung der High-Memory-Instanzen und der neuen 5-Dollar-Linode sind sicherlich bemerkenswerte Updates. Dieser Schritt zeigt das Engagement von Linode, flexible und kosteneffiziente Cloud-Computing-Lösungen für seine Nutzer anzubieten. Es wird interessant sein zu sehen, wie diese neuen Angebote in Bezug auf Leistung und Kosteneffizienz abschneiden. Insgesamt ist dies eine positive Entwicklung für die Kunden von Linode und die Cloud-Computing-Branche insgesamt. From Zibtek

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