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Vultr vs. Linode

Looking for an alternative to Vultr?
vultr vs. linode

Is Vultr or Linode right for you?

Vultr offers high-performance SSD cloud servers and aims to deliver reliable and efficient service, paired with what it describes as “blazing fast” speed at deployment and beyond. Perhaps most similar to Packet, Vultr offers a bare metal configuration as well—what makes it different, however, is that it also offers virtualization based instances.

FEATURES Vultr Linode
Cloud GPUs
Latest AMD CPUs
Free Cloud Firewall
Free DDoS Protection
Bare Metal Cloud Servers Coming soon
Managed Kubernetes Coming soon
Managed Database Coming soon
High Memory VM's
App Marketplace
100% Free Human Support
1000+ Documentation Library
Developer Focused
Free Bundled Transfer
API, CLI, and user friendly Cloud Interface
Flat predictible pricing
Year Founded 2014 2003
Public Cloud Offering Launched 2014 2003
Years Providing Public Cloud 7 18
Years Profitable ? 18
Developer Owned & Operated
100% Independent
Data Center Regions 17 11
Investor Liabilities Angel Investor None
Non-Cloud Businesses None None
# of Cloud Products ~20 ~20
Target Customers Developers
User Friendly Cloud Interface

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