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Explore cloud computing topics rooted in technical documentation developed by and for developers, engineers, and IT leaders who share in our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Tech With Tim: Linux for Programmers

Tech With Tim: Linux for Programmers

Start the crash course with an introduction to how to set up a remote Linux server and how to SSH into it.

Developer Tools
GPU Infographic from Linode

Make the Most of Multicloud

Multicloud architecture gives you the freedom to rely on more than one cloud provider to reduce latency, comply with data regulations and more.


Taking Cybersecurity By Storm

Linode’s established presence in Japan and APAC pushed Cloudbric, based in South Korea, to choose the alternative cloud provider.

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Demand and Opportunity in the Alternative Cloud Provider Market

The cloud market is dominated by a handful of large companies but there’s innovation and growth using alternative cloud vendors.

Alternative Cloud
Johnny Nguyen from JohnnyVPS

Built for Speed

JohnnyVPS approaches each client with the same service philosophy—”performance over profit”—a philosophy Linode shares.

Partner Network
Sheryl Villaroman

Weaving Innovations in Education

Looking for a partner capable of supporting complex needs without inordinate expenses, Nephila Web decided to work with Linode.

How Linode’s network independence helps developers scale in the cloud - including more bundled network transfer.

Linode’s Network Story

Read about how Linode’s network independence contributes to our generous network transfer and network performance that meets or beats hyperscale cloud service providers.

Linode TCO Calculator

Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Use our TCO calculator for an in-depth analysis of what your cloud infrastructure costs will look like on Linode.

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4 Alternative Ways to Collaborate in the Cloud

Explore other tools to use in the cloud, including simple ways to ensure secure networking and boost productivity.

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Monitor Performance with Longview

Learn how to install Linode’s open source system data graphing service to track critical metrics.

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Deploying WordPress with One-Click Apps

Spin up a production-ready WordPress Linode in just a few minutes with Linode’s WordPress One-Click App.

Developer Tools
Ravi Mundoli and Hari Venkataramanan - Nadhi

The Alternative Cloud Helps Deliver Construction Projects On Time and On Budget

Based in Chennai, India, Nadhi runs a cloud-based construction management software product called nPulse, on Linode.

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