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Explore cloud computing topics rooted in technical documentation developed by and for developers, engineers, and IT leaders who share in our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Migrating Workloads to the Alternative Cloud

Migrating Workloads to the Alternative Cloud

Once you decide that an alternative cloud provider is the right choice, how do you approach your cloud computing migration?

Cloud Consulting Services

Python Database Project #2: Advanced Queries and Operations

Learn how to perform advanced operations on a MongoDb database. Specifically, how to query and filter data.

Saurabh Kumar & Anirudh Shah - 3LOQ

Creating Deep Banking Relationships with Agile AI Solutions

Based in India, 3LOQ’s Saurabh Kumar and Anirudh Shah were attracted to Linode because of its price, which was one-third that of AWS.

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Kubernetes Simplified White Paper

Kubernetes Simplified White Paper

Developers often find themselves so overwhelmed by what’s possible with Kubernetes that they have trouble identifying what they need it to do.

Leo Cunha - Curriki

Open Source Digital Learning in the Cloud

Leo Cunha’s prior relationship with Linode created “a perfect storm” to develop an open source tool as good or better than commercial products.

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Using the Alternative Cloud to Modernize Businesses in Thailand

Arthit “Art” Hongchintakul and his Thailand-based company, Swiftlet, can provide high-value services to its clients at a fair cost.

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GPU Infographic from Linode

Kubernetes Simplified: Removing Complexity from Container Orchestration

Because Kubernetes is open source and deeply parametrized, it introduced challenges as cloud providers have attempted to simplify it.


Innovating with Live Streaming

Vendoti offers video streaming to influencers and distributors. The decision to work with Linode was “a fundamental shift, at a great price.”

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Stark & Wayne

System-based Backup and Retention Software Available to the Masses

A long-time Linode partner, Stark & Wayne is creating technology products for the masses with SHIELD Cloud, backup and retention software.

Liam Eagle - 451 Research

Alternatives to Hyperscale Cloud Providers

451 Research analyst Liam Eagle explains what the Alternative Cloud is and where it could fit within your infrastructure approach.

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Chris Allen - Red5 Pro

Real-time Streaming Video to Millions in Milliseconds

Many of Red5 Pro’s video streaming customers are better suited for an Alternative Cloud provider like Linode than AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.


Learnk8s Lab: CI/CD for Kubernetes with Jenkins X

Learn how migrating a monolithic open source project to microservices using Jenkins X can help speed up development practices and train teams.