matheus28 / m28n-init-2
71302 deployments · 71278 still active · last rev. 7 months ago

linode / LAMP
20436 deployments · 8182 still active · last rev. 8 years ago

Installs a fully functioning, ready to go LAMP stack that's optimized specifically for your Linode's resources. By default, it creates a VirtualHost using the reverse DNS of your Linode's primary IP. Optionally creates a MySQL database and user, and assigns that user grants to the database. You may use this as an example for creating more ...

linode / WordPress
15268 deployments · 6527 still active · last rev. 7 months ago

A ready-to-rock WordPress install using the latest release from Installs WordPress on a full LAMP stack using MySQL for Debian/Ubuntu and MariaDB for CentOS (the new default).

ever0801 /
12272 deployments · 12316 still active · last rev. 2 months ago

Auto setup Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. default Port:47777

hostonnet / Squid Proxy Server
11683 deployments · 11888 still active · last rev. 4 months ago

Auto setup Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

clowwindy / Shadowsocks
8369 deployments · 3438 still active · last rev. 4 years ago

Debian with Shadowsocks installed. Generates random server port and password. See

linode / LAMP Stack
3323 deployments · 1663 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

Installs a full LAMP stack on a Linode. Uses MySQL for Debian and Ubuntu and MariaDB for CentOS and Fedora (the new defaults). This can also be used as a library for other StackScripts.

hwdsl2 / setup-ipsec-vpn
2840 deployments · 1788 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

Scripts to build your own IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP and Cisco IPsec on Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS. How to use: After deployment, boot your Linode. Then wait 10 minutes to allow VPN setup to complete. And your fully configured IPsec VPN server is ready for use! Check install progress...

williamwangmi / ProxyScript
2711 deployments · 2706 still active · last rev. 24 days ago


xiaolai / Shadowsocks & L2TP/IPSec
2673 deployments · 1346 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

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