levlaz / GitLab
103 deployments · 57 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

This StackScript creates a ready to rock GitLab site! Simply deploy the script and navigate to your URL (or IP address) to get started. Happy coding! :) Once the installation finishes the credentials are: Username: root Password: 5iveL!fe

buxianglei / Freeradius Server & Freeradius Client with Poptop Server and L2T
103 deployments · 17 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

Freeradius Server & Freeradius Client with Poptop Server and L2TP Over IPSec

tirsvad / Web - Sql - Mail - Python - Server
95 deployments · 7 still active · last rev. 2 years ago

Debian installation Hostname creation Create user with some options like ssh-key, disable password. Sql server Pregresql or MariaDb Firewall secure server NGINX or apache as an choice SQL server choices (MariaDb, postgresql) with some options TODO Mail server as an choise

displague / Benchmark and Thrash Test
95 deployments · 30 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

Have you ever wanted to burn your Linode into the ground? This Stackscript asks for your GitHub username (to configure SSH auth) and then configures your Debian based Linode for self-destruct. Watch the screen session in glish, that's where the magic happens. This StackScript is guaranteed to trigger a system error or get Linode Support on y...

caceyjones / LAMP
92 deployments · 44 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

Ubuntu/Debian LAMP

benvallack / SetSeed
81 deployments · 39 still active · last rev. 3 months ago

Use this script to setup a fully working deployment of SetSeed CMS. Learn more at http://setseed.com This script will configure your server with a fresh installation of the latest version of SetSeed and connect the server to your existing SMTP provider for all outbound email handling. You'll need an active SetSeed subscription and activa...

petehalverson / Docker Base
80 deployments · 75 still active · last rev. 2 months ago

Docker host setup for Aspen Digital cloud

rand_egoweb / EgoWeb (currenly not working)
68 deployments · 10 still active · last rev. 2 years ago

This StackScript installs EgoWeb and all software required to run EgoWeb. EgoWeb 2.0 is the result of an ongoing collaborative effort by non-profit research centers and universities to conduct social network analyses and present the data visually. The first version of EgoWeb was a modification to the open source personal/egocentric network dat...

penddymiao / bonic
52 deployments · 50 still active · last rev. 4 years ago


linode / MySQL
51 deployments · 29 still active · last rev. 2 years ago

Install MySQL or MariaDB to a Linode. Can also be used as a library for other StackScripts.

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