lillq / Apache, MySQL, Ruby Setup
1152 deployments · 315 still active · last rev. 7 years ago

Installs a fully functioning, ready to go stack that's optimized specifically for your Linode's resources. By default, it creates a VirtualHost using the reverse DNS of your Linode's primary IP. This installs a stack based on Ruby, Apache, and MySQL. This also gives you the options to install gems so that you can be up and running Ruby on Rails ...

webuzo / LEMP Stack powered by Webuzo
998 deployments · 264 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

LEMP refers to the first letters of Linux (Operating system), Nginx, MySQL, and PHP, PERL or Python Webuzo is a Single User Control Panel which helps users deploy Web Apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) or System Apps (Apache, NGINX, PHP, Java, MongoDB, etc) on their virtual machines or in the cloud. Path to Installation Logs : /root/web...

recrea / Rails 3 & Ruby 1.9.2
985 deployments · 219 still active · last rev. 7 years ago

- Rails 3 - Ruby 1.9.2 - Nginx with Passenger - MySQL - git - Updates rubygems - Install rails 3 - Install mysql gem - Add deploy user Tail /root/log.txt to watch it run.

ptsan / SQUID UP
943 deployments · 943 still active · last rev. 1 month ago

chenxs / Ubuntu PPTP
838 deployments · 367 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

PPTP VPN for sniper2046

jsmith / Minecraft Multiplayer Server
777 deployments · 217 still active · last rev. 7 years ago

Set up a Minecraft multiplayer server on Ubuntu. Automatically installs Java, creates a minecraft user, pulls in the latest minecraft_server.jar, and writes a script to automatically start the server. Read the comments in the script for more information.

asvpxbased / Pr0xi3
768 deployments · 763 still active · last rev. 11 months ago

hostonnet / Squid Proxy Installer (IP WhiteList)
746 deployments · 740 still active · last rev. 5 months ago

This allow you to run Squid Proxy with IP white list on Custom Port

obs / LEMP,Kernel,Security,Tools,Monitoring
697 deployments · 147 still active · last rev. 6 years ago

Installs nginx (optionally from, Apache, MySQL, PHP (running as fastcgi), monit, munin, various other tools, sets up basic firewall,locks down ssh, sets up standard user, installs postfix and configures root alias, installs ubuntu ec2 kernel

sunliwen / liwen-ubuntu-lnmp-firewall-vpn
553 deployments · 75 still active · last rev. 4 years ago

Ubuntu+LNMP+Security+VPN(L2TP+IPSec) Sometimes PPTP will be blocked and L2TP+IPSec is better. If you don't need LNMP, you can use #7248 which will only install Security+VPN.

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