buxianglei / Freeradius Server & Freeradius Client with Poptop Server and L2T
100 deployments · 16 still active · last rev. 2 years ago

Freeradius Server & Freeradius Client with Poptop Server and L2TP Over IPSec

displague / Rootless and GitHub User has sudo
98 deployments · 51 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

Sick of passwords? Have a GitHub account configured with your favorite ssh keys? You've come to the right place. This StackScript removes the barrier to entry. The root password has been disabled, so you can't ssh in as root. But wait, root is not out of reach! With one simple text entry of your GitHub username, all of your GitHub configu...

getlynx / Lynx Node Builder
98 deployments · 50 still active · last rev. 17 days ago

To learn about the cryptocurrency Lynx, visit https://getlynx.io Currently this script is only tested for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Raspian Lite for the Raspberry Pi 2 & 3. Please opt to use the largest swap amount available. To learn all about this script (LynxCI) and how to use it, please visit https://github.com/doh9Xiet7weesh9va9th/LynxNodeBui...

hmorris / Wordpress on Ubuntu 16.04
96 deployments · 59 still active · last rev. 18 days ago

Feel free to contribute here: https://github.com/hmorris3293/Wordpress-Ubuntu1604 wordpress on Ubuntu 16.04 Once installed GO to IP address username will be what you put under $dbuser Password will be $dbuser_password Leave everything else the same :)

displague / Benchmark and Thrash Test
95 deployments · 30 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

Have you ever wanted to burn your Linode into the ground? This Stackscript asks for your GitHub username (to configure SSH auth) and then configures your Debian based Linode for self-destruct. Watch the screen session in glish, that's where the magic happens. This StackScript is guaranteed to trigger a system error or get Linode Support on y...

timani / Default Drupal LAMP
94 deployments · 11 still active · last rev. 6 years ago

levlaz / GitLab
94 deployments · 54 still active · last rev. 3 years ago

This StackScript creates a ready to rock GitLab site! Simply deploy the script and navigate to your URL (or IP address) to get started. Happy coding! :) Once the installation finishes the credentials are: Username: root Password: 5iveL!fe

sar89t3einw808t7arst / Ghost/Nginx/Ubuntu 16.04 easy HTTP install
94 deployments · 18 still active · last rev. 10 months ago

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Please allow 10 minutes for it to finish installation. Monitor for when it completes in your Lish console. A Linode Stackscript for Ghost with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. Still in development. In future iterations I plan to have a let's encrypt cert easily installed with it based on input through Linode Manager. If you...

lucretia / Ubuntu 17.04 LNPA Stack Profile
93 deployments · 3 still active · last rev. 8 months ago

Sets up a LNPA (Linux, nginx, PostgreSQL, Ada) server on Ubuntu 16.10, updates the system and installs: 1) Add an "admin" user for doing all admin login's using ssh before "su -" 2) Email using Postfix, Dovecot and PostgreSQL. 3) SSL certificates using Let's Encrypt. 4) GIT 5) GNAT Ada compiler.

nomad / Nomad2
91 deployments · 54 still active · last rev. 5 months ago

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