displague / Rootless and GitHub User has sudo
81 deployments · 42 still active · last rev. 7 months ago

Sick of passwords? Have a GitHub account configured with your favorite ssh keys? You've come to the right place. This StackScript removes the barrier to entry. The root password has been disabled, so you can't ssh in as root. But wait, root is not out of reach! With one simple text entry of your GitHub username, all of your GitHub configu...

archie / openSUSE Builder
33 deployments · 16 still active · last rev. 1 month ago

This script customizes the openSUSE distribution provided by Linode. It allows configuring additional RPM repositories as well as some other handy pre-configuration such as SSH security hardening.

webvouchercodes / Initial import
2 deployments · 0 still active · last rev. 5 months ago

performs the commen actions I link to take on a new deployment

jkorang / Passwordless Sudoers
1 deployments · 1 still active · last rev. 1 year ago

Deploys a Linode and makes it so new user is best user.

forinfor / Linode StackScript Functions Library
0 deployments · 0 still active · last rev. 9 months ago

This StackScript is a reusable library of Linode StackScript-specific bash functions. Include in other bash StackScripts with a "source <ssinclude StackScriptID=36214>" line. Does nothing on its own. Do not deploy directly!